New Nigeria underway, Fashola tells APC youths

Fashola2sssFrom Ayodele Samuel and Akilani Abdullah, Lagos

Lagos State Governor, Babatunde Fashola yesterday urged All Progressives Congress (APC) youths not to let the challenges besieging the nation discourage them from the pursuit of a new Nigeria, assuring them that the party is on its way to building a new Nigeria.

Fashola speaking at a youth summit organized by the All Progressive Congress (APC) youth forum, stressed the need for them to strive for a society where leaders place premium on human life than any other natural resources.

He said the process to effect the desired change has started, urging them to go out and obtained their permanent voters card (PVC) in order to vote for their desired candidate.

Fashola outlined the components of what a new Nigeria should characterize, saying “Each one of us will have a unique idea of the type of Nigeria we want, because we are different in many ways, but I think that because of our reality, all of us can agree on a frame work that allows our expectations to be met.

“A new Nigeria that we desire should be a safer and more secured Nigeria, where our children will not be kidnapped and we will not be bombed out of existence, but can live our life to the fullest and we can enjoy electricity”, he said.

Fashola added that in the new Nigeria, citizens expect government to account for resources and put an end to the frequent disappearance of billions of dollars from the federation account without cogent explanation.

“A new Nigeria should be a better governed Nigeria, we expect our government to account for our resources and the billions of dollars that go missing will stop, and public funds are no longer lost to boyfriends and girl friends”, he added.

He said the funds generated from the resources of the country would be properly channeled into establishing developmental projects such as road construction, schools, hospitals and other amenities that will improve the standard of living of the people.

He said leaders in the new Nigeria should be able to put in place better health care to ensure safety of mother and child during delivery.

He charged them not to give up in the face of the challenges that come with the process of effecting the desired change, saying each nation is subjected to their own peculiar challenges.


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