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Published On: Wed, Dec 19th, 2018

Nationhood: The need to retrace our step

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By Muktar (U.T) Garba

The Nigeria founded by our fathers is no longer the Nigeria we are enjoying today, we’ve decided to overlook the sacrifice of the people that have made it possible for us to live in the Nigeria that we are today, we have allowed sentiments, politics, interest, tribalism, and religious ethics to have driven us to a generation where we don’t value each other which is not a good sign that we’ve learnt or inherited what has existed long before now,
It is sad that we still smile and laugh over trivial issues, when you look at Nigeria today, the same set of rulers we have had even before I came to existence are still in power. The funniest thing is they are not willing to carry the youths along if not fully in the government but part of the government there’s nothing you will do in these life that doesn’t require orientation or guidelines come to think of it, if today you wake up and find out that all the prominent politicians you’ve been looking up to die and probably you become the president of the federal republic of Nigeria what happens when you don’t even know what it means for you to be the Personal Assistant (PA) of a local government chairman nor to talk of being the PA to the president, how do you intend to run your government? When you look back, those days in the military regime when Gen. Murtala Mohammed, Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo, Gen.Mohammdu Buhari, Gen.Ibrahim Babanginda etc. were Heads of States who then were the military administrators? They were their pair groups of late 20’s and early 30’s or mid 30’s almost the whole government was ran by the youngest set of military personnel’s unlike today were you barely can point a youth of 27-29years old as a prominent man in the country, they utilized their youthfulness why can’t we do that in our era? Youths I urge you or us to wake up and be steadfast to seeing that he who is ready to work with the youth becomes the next president of Nigeria we need to revive what was left for us before now if not now in the near future because with time whether they like it or not we will dominate the country at large, what is a youth without unity? What is a youth with tribalism? What is a youth with religious ethics? It is high time we drop our selfish interest and face the reality into actualizing a dream we can be proud of even after leaving the earth.
Nigeria is a blessed country with natural mineral resources which if utilized can earn us more than enough to pay Nigerians daily stipends even if it is not much but no Nigerian should go to bed hungry and wake up the next morning thinking of what to eat, yet we go to school become graduates and jobs becomes difficult and our ideas blindfolded with frustrations of no job and nothing to do, if jobs won’t be available your educational ideas or intellect should contribute to the growth of the country and to be sincere we know that doesn’t count now because the believe is we are still children we don’t know what the world is up to meanwhile a boy from his room can access the president’s account in few seconds and only to be noticed after he’s done accessing it, this simply means we are smart, gifted and talented such qualities should be utilized for better ideas, I plead with the youth to stand up and see that we work towards achieving a lot in the next administration and backing the right aspirant who has the youths at heart because the era of I promise you when I become the president died when ZIK,AWOLOWO,TAFAWA BALEWA,SIR AHMADU BELLO passed away.
One thing we forget is without the youths politics in Nigeria is as good as dead, because more than 70% of the youths are under 35, which is simply saying if we move down to 45 we own about almost 90% of the population in Nigeria which clearly shows God has the power and we also have the buttons to decide who becomes or next president, is it that we are scared to confront our fears or we prefer to be peeping through the window? is high time we come together and shake Nigeria and give it a rebirth.
Lastly I want to use this medium to urge all Nigerian youths that we are working towards organizing a national convention for the youth and also to have an organisation which will guide us through in carrying out of our respective duties in seeing that we bring this dream into a reality or actuality..
Long reign the Names of our founding fathers, long live Nigeria, long live Africa, long live the youth and we pray for a more peaceful, non-violence country.
We say no to tribalism, we say no religious intolerance, and we say yes to rebirth of unity, peace, love and brotherhood!
May God help us all.

Muktar (U.T) Garba is a Public Affairs Analyst.

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