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Published On: Wed, Apr 9th, 2014

National Conference: President’s speech a right, not privilege

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Prince Bob Njemanze yesterday steered from the norm of showering praise on the President Goodluck Jonathan’s speech during yesterday’s deliberation on the address, opting to view the speech as the right of Nigerians.

Majority of the delegates delivering their’ addresses during deliberations on Jonathan’s speech since Monday, have shown acclaim towards the speech.

Njemanze, a delegate representing Imo state however, opted not to hop on the bandwagon, looking at it from another angle, saying: “I see that everyone has applauded the president’s speech, Mr chairman I don’t see much that I have to applaud the president’s speech for, if a man has done exactly what he’s supposed to do, the purpose he has been put their, to serve.”

He pointed out that it was unfortunate that Nigerians had been starved of good governance to the point that things that are basic rights to citizens are now viewed as favours by the government.

“We’ve been so deprived and denied to the point that we are now converting privileges to rights and rights to privileges. It’s our entitlement that we should have good governance, so I don’t see why we should be sycophantic. We misplace our priorities and our privileges.”

Njemanze was more inclined to applaud the efforts of the speech writers, also noting that implementation of what the president listed was more important than showering him with praise.

“There is nothing so particular that we’ve not found in other speeches that have been written, what I think is most important in this circumstance Mr Chairman, is the implementation of those things the president has enumerated, and we need to praise those speech writers who were able to capture the mood of the nation, and the mood of the president.”


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