NASS urges FG to end menace of illegal migration

By Christiana Ekpa and Umar Muhammad Puma

The National Assembly has urged the Federal Government to take appropriate steps to end the menace of illegal migration by Nigerians.
This is as the Senate yesterday decried the death of 10,000 Nigerians who died while trying to illegally migrate through the Mediterranean Sea and the deserts.
Senate Upper Chamber equally urged the Federal government to urgently commence the process of repatriation and rehabilitation of Nigerian citizens caught in the despicable treatment and human right abuses.
This revelation was coming as the Upper Chamber condemned the latest report being aired on CNN of slave markets at various locations across Libya, where Africans and mostly Nigerians are auctioned as slaves, priced as merchandise and sold off like animals.
Also, Senate want the federal government to as matter of urgency, take all diplomatic steps to ensure that everyone involved in heinous act is held accountable to face the wrath of international law and justice.
The resolution of the Senate followed a motion by Senator Baba Kaka Bashir Garbai (Borno Central) on the urgent need to protect Nigerian citizens from the Libya slavery auctons.
Leading the debate, Garbai noted that the Libyan maltreatment on Nigerians is a humiliation not just to the country and entire Africa but also to fundamental principles of Human Rights under the United Nations Charter.
According to him, the illegal migrants are Nigerians trying to flee from poverty and deprivation in the country and called for need to boost the economy.
Senate therefore urged the federal government to investigate how many Nigerian citizens are affected and detained or being put into slavery.
The House of Representatives also urged the federal government, to liaise with the government of Libya with a view to finding lasting solution to the reported menace of illegal migration and slavery in Libya.
To this end, the House also mandated its joint committee on Human Rights, and Foreign Affairs to interface with the foreign affairs ministry and relevant stakeholders to identify factors that encourage people to embark on the dangerous journeys.
The lawmakers also want the federal government to proffer solution to the menace and to discourage intending migrants’ as well as recommend how Nigerians caught in the web, can be returned back home.
The resolution of the House was sequel to a motion sponsored by Rep Shaheed Akande-Fijabi on the need to investigate what he described as “inhuman and barbaric act of slave trade involving the auctioning of black Africans in Libya”.

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