NADECO actors are hypocrites, says Jonathan

From Seyi Ojelade, Ibadan

President Goodluck Jonathan on Monday described present actors of National Democratic Coalition (NADECO) as hypocrites as they cannot justify what founding fathers of the group stood for.

President Jonathan stated this during his Presidential Campaign in Ibadan the Oyo State Capital maintained that NADECO stands for human right, equity and social justice and these cause no longer found in the characters of the living actors of the group.

He said South West region was known for human right, equity and social justice but most of the actor of NADECO from the zone no longer demonstrates trait of these attributes.

“NADECO actors are hypocrites, if they are not; who would they justify their attitude by supporting someone who do not belief in the rule of law”

“NADECO and people of South West strongly empowers rule of law, human right, equity and social justice which is the opposite what they are doing today.”

The President reassured his promise to end corruption before the end of his second term in office.

He disclosed that arresting people and putting them will not end corruption but he has deployed modern techniques by way of Information Technology to check-mate and block loopholes in government activities.

“I will end corruption before I leave office, nobody will harass next president after me of not fighting corruption because we have modern technology in place to prevent people from stealing.” He assured


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