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Published On: Sun, May 11th, 2014

My take on the Chibok abductions

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By Isma’il Hussain

Extortion and kidnapping are some of the ways through which Terrorists meet their demands. Terrorists kidnapped citizens to demand for ransom to purchase arms and continue to unleash havoc on more people. Terrorists kidnapped citizens for human shield. Boko Haram might have kidnapped Chibok girls for running errands and sexual satisfaction; the insurgent might have abducted the girls for marriage, so that they give birth to children that would inherit the sect’s struggle in order to sustain a chain of terror. Terrorists crave and bask in the oxygen of publicity. That is why they may have abducted the girls purposely to expose the weaknesses of the government.

It would not be the intention of any insurgent group, fighting whatever cause, to unite Nigerians on any ground at the moment when the unity of the country is extremely required by any right – thinking citizen that wishes the country well. Taking into consideration the level of condemnation and the ongoing protests across the country irrespective of religious, regional, ethnic and other faultlines, the world is forced to further believe that Nigerians love each other. Divisions across all faults – lines are widen and fueled by the ruling class for further suppression of the masses.

Nigerians should resist any attempt to destroy their common stand on demanding for action from their leaders irrespective of religious inclination. The tactical mentioning of the girls’ faith by the ruling class would never go into our head, they are humans and Nigerians, and they MUST be freed by those who swear to protect our lives and properties. Nigerians should stand and insist on more actions from the government. The protest shall continue until the Dancing – President stopped the buck on his table. The protests have yielded a symbolic impact, as the President is awakening from his slumber, it should continue until a resultant impact is achieved.

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