Muslim youths want laws guiding public conduct reviewed

From Femi Oyelola, Kaduna

The National Council of Muslim Youth Organizations (NACOMYO) has called for an immediate review of all laws and conventions and rules guiding public conducts particularly in the key sector of Health and Education.
The National Secretary-General of the Organization Mallam Binyamin Yusuf disclosed this while Speaking to newsmen in Kaduna yesterday, According to him, Islam and Muslims have always been at the receiving end of such laws which are detrimental to the Muslim and Islamic interest, adding that the the review of such laws has become expedient due to the usual practice by man authorities especially the Nigerian law school who denied female Muslim laws graduates the right to use their Hijab during their call bar ceremonies.
The NACOMYO view this action as an affront and deprivation when a female Muslim law graduate Firdaus Abdu-Salam Amosa was barred into the bar ceremony dinner for declining to take off her neatly tucked-in Hijab, this singular act is an affront to our belief and an attempt to force a Christian/European culture on Muslims which apparently contravenes the Nigerian constitution”, they remarked.
The council wondered why some of these archaic practices are still in vogue in Nigeria while they have become things of the past in so called advance countries. “Scarcely can you see lawyers appearing in court with wigs and black robes in Britain while Nigerian Muslim students abroad enjoy more freedom of religion than here, their fatherland” it noted.
He therefore demand that the authorities of the Nigerian Laws school tenders an unreserved public apology to Miss Firdaus Amosa and to immediately present with her certificate of call to bar to enable her engage in the practice of the legal profession in Nigeria, an objective she has devoted the last six or so years of life to, having fulfilled, albeit with sterling performance, all the requirements requisite for the awards of LLB and BL, he added.
The Association also calls on the National Assembly and the Minister of Justice to set in motion process that will criminalize all discriminative practice in our public life.
Mallam Binyamin Yusuf said the association was satisfied with International rejection and criticism that welcomed the unilateral ill-advised and puerile decision of the current United State government to move its Embassy in the Pariah State of Israel from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem in blatant deviation from International norms and practices.

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