Mr Trump routed the mainstream media

By Chuka Uzo

Last week the entire world woke up to the rude shock that the United States had elected a newbie. The angered electorate had picked the unlikely candidate. The mainstream media and alternative media, whether print, online, TV, local and international were all awash with news, photos and videos of Hillary Clinton supporters weeping uncontrollably, while supporters of Donald Trump were seen mostly in an ecstatic state, relishing their victory. They could hardly be consoled. An “evil” appeared to have been done. A prank had just been played. It was a truly pathetic scene. The reason was obvious: there was a new sheriff in town, and it was none other than Donald J. Trump! The irony is that the overly partisan mainstream media was entirely to blame for this.
Trump, who had defeated all the Republican candidates to make it as the nominee of the Republican Party, was not going to give up so easily despite the damaging slander and calumny hauled at him by the hate-filled mainstream media. He had been accused of a plethora of things, including: racist comments, Islamophobia, offensive actions towards some women (which he denied over and over again), threat to deport illegal immigrants, threat to build a wall to restrict entry of Mexicans without proper documentation (to be funded by the Mexican government). Many of these accusations had no basis; they were simply manufactured by his opponents trying to destroy his chances of being elected. Yet Trump soared above the bad publicity targeted towards him.
Many had bet on Donald Trump losing the presidential election. The odds were against Donald Trump once he announced his intention to run for the White House in 2015. Several groups – including the Republican National Congress (RNC), the Democratic National Congress (DNC), and President Barack Obama – had completely dismissed the prospects of a Trump victory. In fact, it was so embarrassing to see several well known members of the Republican Party come out to castigate and disown him just hours before his penultimate presidential debate, yet Trump surged on, every new revelation of Clinton’s corruption scandal seemed to prop Trump higher.
It became so obvious that all the major media houses had ganged up against Donald Trump. Several well-known dailies consistently published hate-filled articles and op-eds against him. Trump was never even given the chance to defend himself but Hillary Clinton always was. All sorts of spurious claims were brought against him. At some point he was accused of not publishing his tax returns, then he was falsely linked to financial deals with the current Ukrainian Junta, and was accused of being a lackey of Russia’s Vladimir Putin.
One article published on September 14, 2016 that particularly exposed the double-dealings of the mainstream media was the beautiful piece written by Johannes Wahlstrom, an investigative journalist and filmmaker. The article was titled “An Obituary of The New York Times”. In this article, Wahlstrom accused the New York Times of “Working with the government to suppress stories, covering up election fraud in the ruling party and ruthlessly campaigning against the main US opposition leader”. He further noted that, “The New York Times has sentenced itself to wither away into irrelevance. Remembered only in history books as a relic of the Cold War, much like its sister newspaper Pravda of the Soviet Union. The New York Times R.I.P.”
Wahlstrom’s analysis was right. Many media agencies including CNN, BBC, Huffington Post, Washington Post to mention a few had particularly taken this ignominious route of defamation.
Another troubling fact was that people got to hear about the daily Wikileaks bombshell revelations of Clinton’s DNC scandal from foreign media (Russia Today), alternate media and Trump’s debates and speeches only. As far as the mainstream media was concerned these new scandalous revelations, which Trump used to his utmost advantage, were nonexistent. Things got so bad that the US Department of State even arm-twisted the Ecuadorian Embassy officials to temporarily unplug Julian Assange’s internet connection, hoping it would serve to deter Wikileaks from further revelations. Fortunately, Assange had made alternative plans to keep publishing from a different location.
Then again, in October, CNN was nabbed allegedly rigging its own polls to claim Clinton won one of the debates. The Democrats had done this by oversampling. These fake polls contradicted by consensus that Trump won big at the same debate.
It’s pitiful that the press had worked so hard to misinform their audience in a bid to defame Donald Trump. They became so obsessed and consumed with attacking him rather than reporting objectively about the growing numbers in support of Trump. Lately, The New York Times public editor has criticized the paper for Its “dishonesty”. I expect other news houses that spent all their time confusing their readers to send apologies for this crime.
Trump’s victory should be used as case study in many schools of political science across the world. It is truly amazing how he won with only about a tenth of Hillary Clinton’s campaign donations. Trump has simply sailed to the Oval Office on the back of speaking out and not appealing to political correctness. He came through as a man who simply spoke the truth about what he saw rather than be blinkered. He called things by their names, addressed issues that were personally affecting a good deal of Americans, specifically the working class. The shameful mainstream media must learn from Donald Trump. His boldness in the face of these pathetic accusations won him the price. I hope CNN, New York Times, the Washington Post and the rest of the lying ‘presstitutes’ learn from this fatal error.

Chuka Uzo is a Public Affairs Analyst.

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