Monarchs urge Nigerians to vote out selfish politicians

From Uche Nnorom Makurdi

Two traditional chiefs in Benue State have advised Nigerians to be wise and vote out self-seeking politicians.
The traditional chiefs, Chief Abu King Shuluwa a first class chief who holds the title of Tor Sankera and Chief Joseph Sule Abenga, Ter Makurdi gave the advice during an interaction with media men in their palaces in Makurdi.
Chief Shuluwa opined that many top politicians will lose their seats in 2019, because they have showed over time to be deceitful to the people.
He also, averred that politicians within 60 to 70 years should not contest election in 2019, maintaining that the youths should be given opportunity to aspire to elective position.
“We have vibrant youths in this country with good ideas who ought to be given a chance to aspire for political positions. The elderly ones should be by the sideline offering advice. In fact, they should be councilors while the young ones should be governors and even President like is the case in France”, Chief Shulwa said.
On his part, Chief Sule Abenga lamented over tension in the polity caused by selfish politicians.
He urged Nigerians to vote wisely and remove selfish politicians and elect leaders who will improve the lot of society.
“Government is expected to touch the lives of the people and not the people singing their praises for doing nothing”, Chief Abenga decried.

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