Middle Belt Forum wants Dokubo-Asari arrested

Asari DokuboBy Tobias Lengnan Dapam with agency report

The Middle Belt Forum, at the weekend in Abuja, has asked the Presidency and security agencies in the country to arrest the leader of the Niger-Delta Peoples Volunteer Force, Alhaji Mujaheed Dokubo-Asari, following his recent comment in which he allegedly declared that Nigeria would be on fire if President Goodluck Jonathan failed to win the 2015 presidential election.

The MBF said the Dokubo-Asari’s comment indicated that Jonathan would rig the election.

The patron of the group, Amb Yohanna Margif, warned Dokubo-Asari to be careful with his “inflammatory utterances during these trying times in Nigeria which are capable of setting in more sentiments.”

“Such characters as Dokubo-Asari with such conflicting utterances should not be allowed to walk the streets freely by the security operatives,” Margif stated.

According to him, the use of militant language and threats over Jonathan’s re-election is a slap on the faces of other Nigerians.

Margif said that while Dokubo-Asari had the right to support Jonathan for the Presidency as a South-South person, many other Nigerians also had the right to do so for any of their candidates without one threatening the other.

He added that as a patron of the MBF, he was in a position to speak on issues of Nigeria than Dokubo-Asari “who is a known militant.”

He said, “In what capacity does Dokubo-Asari have to make such comments? He should not use militant language and threats against Nigerians since no one has monopoly of violence. Anyone can be a thug or militant.

“The same Dokubo-Asari had earlier last year declared that the President had lost the support of his political base, the South-South and the South-East, owing to the failure of his government to deliver on its promises. He had said that it would be tough for Jonathan to win the presidential election in 2015 if he decides to run based on the poor showing of his administration.”

Several calls to the telephone line of Dokubo-Asari for response on the call for his arrest were not returned.

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