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Published On: Tue, Nov 14th, 2017

Men: Why, why, why?

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43-year-old man nabbed for having carnal knowledge of three minors, two of whom are nine years old while the other is 12 years”
“Man arrested for raping seven year- old”
“53 year old man who raped three year old to death docked in Katsina”
“Man arrested for raping minor”
“Three men gang rape one year old in Katsina”
“77 year-old man in court for alleged rape of three children in Jos”
“Driver allegedly rapes, impregnates neighbour’s daughter”
“Teacher behind bars for sexually harassing 14 year-old pupil”
“Court jails uncle, cousin, 10 years each for gang raping teenage maid”
Above is just a sample of reports in a newspaper. Hardly a day passes without one reading about rape cases which apparently are now increasing. This sordid affair can be categorised into three, namely, raping of minors, raping of teenagers and gang raping. As if these are not repulsive enough, we now have seemingly unbelievable incidents where men now rape elderly women as reported recently where a young man less than 30 years raped an 80 year- old woman! Just when you think you have heard, seen or read the” worst” that can happen, another thing worse than the hitherto prevailing ‘worst’ occurs. Let us focus on raping of minors.
Every day, our newspapers are replete with these stories which raise the question, what is wrong with men? Or rather, (before I court the ire of men), what is the matter with these men? Once considered an abomination that is unheard of in the good. old halcyon days, it appears defiling children is becoming an everyday affair, so much so that it appears not to raise any more eyebrows as such. We appear to have traversed from shock to surprise and now to resignation and cautious indifference
Almost all the men fingered invariably blame the “devil” for their despicable action. The so-called devil has become a convenient alibi but it is no excuse. If you ask me, these men were very much aware of what they were doing. Let us even assume that the so-called devil put the evil idea into their heads, what did they do to resist it? Did they pray to the good Lord for the strength to overcome? They willingly succumbed to their weaknesses without a second thought.
Secondly, these obviously ‘insane’ men give the impression that they were lured or tempted by the sight of these girls. Pray, how can an under-aged girl who has not fully developed the characteristics of a woman become seductively attractive to these men for them to want to make love to them?
The point is that these children did not tempt or lure these men in any way. They were not nearly nude by wearing provocative dresses that set these ‘mad men’s’ imagination running wild. Even if the children were, what is there to attract a man to an under-aged child whose outward physical appearance is as yet almost the same as that of a boy?
On the contrary, these men are the ones who lured these apparently child-like girls who as yet are not aware of the wiles of the world in terms of beguilement and cunning. Being children, they associate with the world and human beings in a straight forward manner. Thus in their child-like world view, the thought hardly occurs to them that uncle, daddy, cousin or grandpa can do any bad thing to them. These men took advantage of these under-aged children’s child-like innocence in which is embedded trust and obedience to deceive them into entering the privacy of their closets to have carnal knowledge of them.
After finishing with their dirty acts, they warn these children not to reveal what happened to anyone, threatening them that they would die if they did. And they believe these men because in their child-like world view, adults do not tell lies. But the deed cannot be hidden for ever as they are later obliged to tell mummy after persistent questioning by her (mother) to unfold what transpired.
If these deviant men are really hard pressed to satisfy their sexual urge could they not go after a consenting female adult?
A writer once penned that money, power and sex are great intoxicants for men, so much so that they can drive them to doing the unthinkable. What really is the problem, men? Why, why, why?

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