Medical practitioner advises Nigerians to stay at home

By Our Correspondent

Nigerians have been advised to adhere strictly to the stay at home order given by the government, in order to be able to control the spread of the dreaded coronavirus ravaging the world.
Prof. Saad Ahmed, the Chief Medical Director of Federal Medical Centre in Abuja, who gave this advice yesterday in an interactive session with some journalists, said Nigerians should listen to all medical advice, support the government in this struggle and help the health workers to succeed, by staying at home.
According to Ahmed, once Nigerians adhere strictly to the stay at home order, they are automatically saving lives, because they will neither contract the virus, nor transmit it to other people, just as he reiterated the need for people to stay at home and be safe.
“Apart from staying at home, people should among others form the habit of washing their hands regularly with soap and water and use sanitizers, in order to stay healthy. They should avoid gathering that has more than 10 people. In fact, there is no need to gather at all during this period. They should practise social distance with one another.
“I believe that the shutdown will bring a decrease to the number of cases during this period. By shut – down means that people should stay at home. Those in essential duties, like the medical and health workers and the security agents are not inclusive. By the time you keep people at home, they are actually in a way self – isolated.
“So if anybody has the virus, at least those that he will transmit it to will be quite limited. So, we should be able to tackle it at that stage now. There are numbers from the offices of NCDC for anybody that has symptoms, they can call out and get necessary attentions, because they go to anywhere you are, even office or house,” he said.

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