Measles: Vaccinators deployed to markets, IDP camps, worship centres

In order to ensure effective immunisation against measles, the authorities of the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA), have deployed vaccinators at all government health health facilities, housing estates, markets and schools.
Others include Churches, Mosques, Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) camps and nomadic settlements to ensure that children between the ages of nine months and five years are immunised against the disease.
Measles, which is preventable with immunisation, is a highly infectious viral disease with complications ranging from blindness, deafness, severe diarrhea with dehydration, malnutrition, brain damage and death.
“The measles vaccination campaign which kicked off February 10 is expected to end February 20 (today).
“The vaccine is by safe injection, very effective and free of charge,” according to a statement from the information unit of the FCT Health and Human Services Secretariat (HHSS).

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