Published On: Wed, Feb 1st, 2017

Mary Elika Foundation: giving expression to Environmental sustainablility

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Given the global expression for the practical ways to give expression to the notion of sustainable development, sustainable development must address the considerable under-development and poverty that plagued most countries round the world, including our dear country nigeria.
There have been hundreds of people killed in recent time amidst the ongoing ethno-religious violence across the country. Responses and accusations abound over the political and cultural reasons for the violence, but little attention is being paid to one of the chief catalysts behind the conflict: Climate Change.
Climate Change is a driver of conflict. Scarcity of resources, be they farmable land, water or livestock, iscreating mass migrations and antagonising preexisting tensions in a vicious circle.
It is a matter of fact that variability in food production and prices leads to social unrest, while social unrest itself exacerbates the instability in food production and local investment. This cyclical crisis is evident in the sahel region of West African.
There’s no doubt that there has been a disappointing lack of vision and political will as well as leadership on environmental challenges in the recent past.
A nongovernmental organization has taken it upon itself to ensure the intensity of environmental stewardship, and increase public involvements by broadening awareness of environmental challenges facing our country today and in the near future.
Come Saturday February 25, Mary Elika Foundation, a non-governmental organization will start what it called”Eco Club School Debate” with the topic: “Discuss the effect of Deforestation and how it can be curtailed.”
It could be said that this program came at the right time, considering the near nonavailability of kerosene, the unreachable cost when it’s available, and the high cost of gas.
What do you expect, increase in firewood harvesting for cooking by the poor.
Today, the common man have increased the use of firewood and charcoal for cooking. What do you expect, it takes toll on the forest, which resulted to deforestation.
Mary EmieneManzo, chief executive officer of Mary Elika Foundation, a dogged administrator with burning ambition for corporate achievements, was in 2007 when she successfully launched the Foundation, her new and well-intended Non –Governmental Organisationspecialising in activism and advocacy for sustainable healthy environment world-wide and particularly Nigeria. This was achieved during a short break from her full time engagement with the BPE.
Her effort in leadership and environmental management attracted organisations and
institution to confer her and her foundation with various awards which includes; The AbiaState University recognised the role of the MARY ELIKA FOUNDATION towards sustainable environmental objectives in Nigeria and awarded Mary Emiene Manzo a Special Recognition Prize as “ICON OF THE ENVIRONMENT”. Her Honorary Doctorate, DOCTOR OF LEADERSHIP & MANAGEMENT was conferred on her by the UNIVERSAL CHRISTIAN ACADEMY (UNICA) in 2010. By the year 2011 Mary EmieneManzo was bestowed with a PLATINUM ZAREEPHAT AWARD. In 2014, the NIGERIAN MODEL UNITED NATIONS SOCIETY, University of Ibadan chapter accorded Mary EmieneManzo an AWARD OF HONOUR AS AN MDG AMBASSADOR OF ENVIRONMENTAL Sustainability and a Meritorious Service Award in recognition of her numerious contribution to youths &vocational Development and Empowerment in our community by; the Rotary club of Oyo Metropolis. (2014). She also served as the Seniors Special Adviser to Taraba State Governor from 2011-2015.

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