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Published On: Fri, Oct 16th, 2020

Man, his environment and the dangers pose in the future

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By John Chizoba Vincents

Man exaggerates his importance in the universe but in reality, man is the problem of the universe. He is the weapon against his environments. There is no way we can talk about the problems facing the universe without having man in the picture and the problems created by man himself. For the universe to stand, it’s man, for the universe to fall tomorrow, it’s the same man. Hence, we can boldly approach the problems facing the entire universe today as the cause of man. Man is made up of the society and everything that moves around in the society moves because man wants it to move. Therefore, man is the architect of his own universe, he design his own world to fit into his choices and the possibilities of his being. He makes the universe to take the shape of his thoughts and his will power and Authorities. He envisaged what he wants and his needs and then, tries as much as possible to make his universe to look exactly like what he has imagined for many days or years— this is the radical means through which man modifies his world.
With over 7 billion in population, humans are the most dangerous species on earth. Man, with the aid of civilization and quest to explore and know more about his entire environments, has conquered every creature and advanced deep into the ocean to continue his act of wickedness towards other creature. His appetite for destruction is insatiable. He has in many ways failed himself and sometimes succeeded in his quests. He has contributed to the failures of his environments. Man in his many ways has contributed to the falling of trees, theft, climatic change, extinction of many other animals in the forest and wars ravaging the entire universe. Yet, he sits in solitude to complain of how bad the universe has become.
Man is not just a threat to his fellow man, animals, the vegetations are not spared too. And what man counted as his advancement includes the drilling of the earth to exploit from the land beyond and this drilling has caused many havoc on the surface of the earth. It has brought tears on the faces of man and his entire Environments. Sometimes ago, a building collapsed in the City of Lagos, Nigeria. It killed several people. A mother was killed, a daughter and son were killed. We saw in the media the pictures of school children who were killed by the said building and this, was a house built by men who must have taken their times and planned the building but their plans failed them.
In reality, man has defiled the natural sequence. The sequence that states that population of the animals of prey cannot be higher than the population of the preys: The sum of the population of lions, cheetahs, leopards and wolves can never be higher than that of Buffaloes, Zebras, Antelopes, monkeys and other herbivorous that natural are feed for these carnivorous. Even elephants – the second highest destroyer of the forest after man – have a gestation period of almost 2 years to control their population for the preservation of the forest. This is a natural course and the way nature has designed it.
If man keeps imposing these dangers in his entire environments, he would end up having nothing left for him to get back to. The advancement of the future is dependent of his ability to get control of his universe and manage it based on the understanding that whatsoever he do today, would effect him tomorrow. The future is Paramount, the future of the generation to come is very key and we must protect it and give them the world that would make them rememeber that there were people that stood before them.
No matter how you view it, Man is not different from all these animals — Man may be a high specie but they are not different from all these animals in the forest. We are a part of one great cycle. Until you understand this, charlatans will come with crazy theory of 5G under the guise of fulfillment of the religious literature.
I have one duty on this earth — to leave it better than I found it and I think this should be a kind of duty we all should be bothered about. Although, this is a huge duty that is consuming everything in me. If my activities on earth don’t qualify me for a better widely accepted hereafter, then I wasn’t destined for a better hereafter and there’s no way I would have attained that.
You will find it so difficult to come in terms with me, but man is more related to Apes than to Angels. If you think the baboons are not more important to our universe than the donkey, then know that man is not more important than both. No one is giving you any mark to control you. You have only one life – just live it while it last for the few weeks and years you have been destined to live here on Earth.
John Chizoba Vincents is a Public Affairs Analyst.

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