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Published On: Thu, Jan 10th, 2019

Man And Ecological Peril

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By Kareem Itunu Azeez

January 9, 2019 | Filed under: Global Issues | Posted by: Kareem Itunu Azeez

As every creature we see has a life, and also a spirit, but although, they don’t think like we do, nor do they reason like we reason, how they wish to grab a bow and arrows like us, to be clothed in freedom like men do, but someway, nature usually has a way to tell us more about them and in their original form, long before men dominate all within and outside their grasp.
Have you ever think when you gun down, a sheep you would not eat, but for the joy of killing, like cat, man is the only animal that kills for nothing, but for fun, let us take a train into nature, into the dearth of human kind, and into who and what we are TODAY, although, Charles Darwin tells us in his imagination that man emanated from apes, man the greatest of all predators, his assertion has been ridiculed with no basis, and how justifiably true, where his critics, Man travelers would not have come from any apes, nor its original form from the herbivorous creatures. Man is a creature of solitude, metamorphosis into social being, through ordeals of some old narration, the writers of scribes and the revealer of one of this fates.
The cozy beauty of nature within the endless destruction men has caused, releasing gases, atomics, unfit pollution, causing cancerous ailments to nature, yet it continues to remain the only surviving hope for men, and in someway its becoming weak, the discoverers would not tell you how long this earth can sustain us, with our tragic trends, but they are looking for safer abode elsewhere, so they explore continuously with no stopping, been to the moon, mars, and their wish is to secure some haven in Jupiter, after their desolation of earth. But earth always finds a way to reborn.×427.jpg
Let’s take for example, Hiroshima, a place that was fit for survival many hundreds of years ago, but partly to mens self caused disaster, some aspects of that place, might never survive or support human development anymore, nor the green family, that’s one part of earth surface, we haven’t really talk about the 71% occupied by the mass of waters, am afraid, the watery flow, might be call to the rescue of earth, thereby renting more spaces on earth.
Water definitely which is arguably the origin of all things, really would be forced back once more, and it profits us little to argue how I came about my intuitions, the old Egyptian gods, Khepri, has been hailed to have originated from the masses of watery flows, the great scientists himself, or let us use philosophers, Thales, among the seven men who came about the existence of mother earth, all weren’t all remembered, except for Thales except, “All has come from nothing but water”
The blossom aspect of nature, has been cut short by men, the only planet we can live at least for now, is at risk, the ozone layers can testify to this, the seas also seems to be returning to the beginning of times, and sadly enough, man still continues to explore beyond control, they have travelled across the moon, and recently, the chinese travellers also landed on the darkest parts of the moon, a part that has never faced the earth, perhaps partly due to mans endless urge to see the other side. The question is what is man looking for on the other end, are we continuously looking for more disasters to accompany the hurricane Katrina, hurricane Gustav, hurricane with names of so much more, would man not rather pause his exploration and take a deep breath instead.
Mans’ will always prevails, and he has no competition, how sad that seems to be, no wonder, he has gone places where others cant breach, unfortunately he so monopolises this freedom that he now colonised the weaker siblings of his, he send the the mice many times, as a test run mates, for what ordinary he wont get himself into, he usually would use the dog, to sniff out danger zones, statistically mans destruction of the dogs, is second to none, the cats also aren’t free from mans tyrannical rule, like wise the jungle creatures, they left the villages for men to dominate, for man’s dishonesty and disloyalty.

Today, this creatures walk solitary on the earth, they die without been buried, they get hungry and they begin to eat themselves, they have peers and they live in unison against men, though all this plotting seems short lived, as they continue to reduce in their totality, men continues to increase, multiply, the lions today have reduced drastically, the tigers now remain but a few on mother earth, the elephants and other animals used to complete this world. Some say its signs of some form of end time, others believe its an extinction that’s going to take place someway somehow, but extinction comes when a stronger host consume without replacement, and without control. My fear now is, when all this species are gone, would men not return to cannibalism.
If you listen carefully to the music by Vanessa Williams, titled”Colours of the wind” about mother earth, my point here seems to be buttressed, these lines goes thus:,
“Have you ever heard the wolf cry to the blue corn moon
Or let the eagle tell you where he’s been
Can you sing with all the voices of the mountain?
Can you paint with all the colors of the wind
Can you paint with all the colors of the wind”
After those lines, I am tempted to travel to the lands and gift of earth, the dense Areas regarded as deserts, the beautiful mountains with their glories, the rulers of the deep blues in their firmament, the greener pastures, with grasses so lively, free and beautiful, the ponds and the lakes, which men might someday stick their filts in, all this beautiful things has a life and they own some form of spirit, according to some doctrines. The separation between the seas, they are living in peace, yet they all understand their boundaries, some scientists will still come up with some subsidiaries of false inventions to validate their wrong proofs, that the seas live separately based on some form of mechanisms, but I say they tell nothing but framings, if science give proofs and reasonable why it exist in such way, possibly they would have solutions to his unison and understand how to equally separate them, but for many hundreds of years it has been that way, who knows, perhaps for some thousands of years.
Another is the strange aspect of the Bermuda, Its one of the bizarre thing surviving till tomorrow, it could not be stopped nor can it be recreated, I usually would say, it’s one natures way of punishing mens wayward characteristics, who is a better keeper or reminder of history, than mother earth, buried within the deep are strange undiscovered things, men’s eyes have not, and may never see, after the discovery of some, men will give themselves the credit, the gold, diamonds, sinked ships remains, old kingdoms utensils, and their weapons of mass destruction, at such moments, they kept in museums as today’s artefact, part of men’s ignorance and arrogance. Yet as we flame earth with all this, it continues to shine, although now getting wearied of our acts, it hasn’t disappoint till this time, lets only be worried.
Nature’s prowess, is governed by so much, so much that man can learn and unlearn from life itself, but if men would keep jackboots aside, and enjoy the coolness of the mountainous air, the soft touches of the moonlight, and its flickflecked packages what better relationship could men enjoy, older ages would return, the layers of the ozone would fight back for the benefit of men, the extinct creatures might not come back, but newer ones would creep out from their hidings, and their fears would be wiped out.
Kareem Itunu Azeez writes from Lagos State University. A lover of nature, you can reach him @Itunumi solace on twitter

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