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Published On: Wed, Jul 30th, 2014

Letter to Nasarawa PDP caucus and elders

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By Bala Dan-Alkali

Pardon me for choosing to write you through this medium. I have selected this channel, believing that through it I can reach both of you at the same time. In deciding to write you this letter, I am concerned about our young Nasarawa state. This is a state that was created in 1996 out of present Plateau. Our reason then for demanding a state of our own was in order to be self- empowered, to free ourselves from domination.

Regrettably, when we are yet to overcome our teething problems, sentiments and partisan politics crept into fabric of our life resulting to all sorts of avoidable but wanton destructions of lives and properties. This

killings and destructions became even more pronounced with the advent of present democratic dispensation in 1999 when we first experienced Igbira/Bassa communal conflict. Since then hardly a year passes by without the state recording one communal conflict or the other at the great expense of the progress and development of our young Nasarawa state. Faced with these challenges, the present administration had to set-up what it called ‘Community Based Conflicts Resolutions Mechanism’ aiming at bringing to permanent end this circle of bloodletting in our state which from all indications and available records, this formula is yielding the desire result. Apart from this, the present administration having examined the critical sectors which suffered neglects in the past, embark on massive re-habilitations and re-constructions of such sectors to the delight of the people of the state. The successes the present administration recorded in the last 3 years are not mere gimmicks. These achievements are concrete and touchable. Partisan politics aside, no any discerning mind in Nasarawa state can say the present administration has not achieved a lot in areas of peace, progress and development of the state warranting the massive support the administration is gaining by the good people of Nasarawa state.

It was against this backdrop that when issue of impeachment of Governor Al-makura by members of the House became public, many including the supporters of PDP who are genuinely interested in peace, progress and development of Nasarawa state had to stood up to his defense, believing that partisan politics should not be put over and above peace and progress of entire state and her people. It is in this wise that I found it not only unpatriotic and selfish but outright onslaught on collective psyche of the people of Nasarawa state for you as caucus and elders of PDP to come out and issued such a resolutions which from all intent and purposes were designed to cause more confusion regarding the impeachment of Governor Al-makura knowing fully well that this impeachment move wasn’t a popular exercise as can be attested from the way members of the House hurriedly moved underground only to appear and disappear through a very-tight security.

Secondly as caucus and elders of the PDP you also knew quite well that the reasons invoked by the State Assembly for the impeachment of Al-makura are flimsy and preposterous, especially when view against the background of the timing and flawed procedures adopted by the House in arriving at the allegations leveled against him.

Your meeting of 25th July, 2014 which communiqué was carried through a paid advert (Weekly Trust, July 26th 2014) was a demonstration of myopic mind beclouded by selfishness and partisanship. Or else how can you as caucus and elders whose views and opinions ought to serve as source of inspirations to younger ones resort to mendacity just to achieve some selfish considerations? Even though many whose names appeared on the communiqué claimed their signatures were forged, however the bottom-line was, the whole impeachment move as well as your caucus and elders meeting was burned out of envy of what Al-makura has achieved couple also with the fear of loosing completely the 2015 election.

What I found even more uncharitable in your resolutions has to do with among other things: The claim that the wave of protest which greeted the announcement of impeachment move against Al-makura was sponsored as well as your unpatriotic call for freezing of state government account. Firstly given the level of what Al-makura achieved so far in terms of meeting the yearnings and aspirations of the people which the last 12 years of PDP failed woefully to meet, his administration doesn’t need to give anybody a dime before pouring out in protest against impeachment. Ever in the history of Nasarawa state, there were no any spontaneous protests like the one the state experience as result of this impeachment move not even the withdrawal of petroleum subsidy removal protest of last two years.

Your call for freezing of state government account was indeed, the most unpatriotic, freezing of account implies grounding of government which in its self unconstitutional. Freezing of account would certainly lead to stoppage of payment of salaries of workers as well as stoppage of all the ongoing projects of the government targeting at providing dividend of democracy to the people. This call besides being anti-people, it has also exposes you as callous. It sounds ironic for you and your party the PDP in Nasarawa state to be pontificating on morals and good governance after messing up the state for 12 solid years.

Yes, your party, the PDP, given its desperation to remain in power, can do anything to subvert the people’s wish, hence the impunity pervading all the places. While we are not in anyway saying, members

of the state Assembly should not do their work as enshrine in our constitution, but everybody in Nasarawa state including you at the caucus and elders level know quite well that this impeachment move is not in the best interest of the state.

Bala Dan-Alkali via


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