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Published On: Fri, Jan 26th, 2018

Letter to Buhari: You are wrong, Kalu tells Obasanjo

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From Suleiman Idris, Lagos

As prominent Nigerians continue to comment on the letter to President Muhammadu Buhari by former President Olusegun, businessman and Former Abia State Governor, Dr Orji Uzor Kalu has faulted Obasanjo’s claims where he criticized Buhari’s poor handling of the economy and advised him not to contest the 2019 presidential election, saying the ex- president lacks the moral right to comment on such national issues.
Kalu lambasts the Owu Chief, positing that will be unfair to the South East , South South and South Westerns part of Nigeria not to support the second term bid of Buhari, given the need to return power to the Southern part of the country after the completion of his two terms.
He spoke in an interview with reporters at Murtala Muhammed Airport Terminal Two (MMA2), in Lagos where he called on Buhari to address Nigerians on the challenges of insecurity affecting the country, especially as it affects the attack of some section of the country by herdsmen.
Much as he does not agree with the issues raised in Obasanjo’s letter, he said he will consult with the intelligence and international community to respond in his own letter to Buhari on a wide range of issues herdsmen.
He said it was time Buhari spoke on the on security issues in the country because it is threatening the fabric of socio economic cohesion of Nigeria.
Kalu said the challenge of herdsmen/ farmers clash was lingering in some states because their governors lack capacity to handle the situation.
He said the Buhari’s government may be slow in taking critical decisions, but has done well in tackling corruption, noting that there was a high level of graft in 16 years that PDP ruled Nigeria.
He alleged that the PDP plundered the NNPC and CBN at will, insisting that the APC will open the books to show the level of rot, it inherited from the PDP.
Kalu said Buhari has recorded some achievements in his two and half years tenure, which necessitates his re- election listing the commencement of work on the Second Niger Bridge and other interventions in the economy.
On the letter he said: “I am not going to talk much about former President Obasanjo’s letter now, because I am going to make some consultations with the United States, Germany, China and the United Kingdom; then, I will come back and speak on that letter.
“I think Obasanjo’s letter is not to the best interest of Nigeria. I don’t want to reply him because I have given you example time without number.
“There are three express roads Obasanjo refused to build when he was the President of Nigeria. Port Harcourt, Okigwe, Umuahia, Enugu expressway. It is being built now by the Buhari administration.
“Another one is the Enugu, Awka, Onitsha expressway. It is being built now by the Buhari administration. Obasanjo did not build it. Then there is the Onitsha, Owerri and Aba expressway. The Buhari administration is building it now.
Between Obasanjo and Buhari who should I call my friend in real terms? It is BUhari who is developing our region. With the roads, trailers loaded with manufactured goods in Aba will be able to their various destinations from the city.
“So Buhari is my friend; and he is a better President. I don’t wish to reply that letter because the former President has no morals that should qualify him to write that letter.
“This is because he is the cause of many of the things that happening in this country today. I will make consultation to the intelligence community of the countries I have mentioned before I will reply Obasanjo’s letter.
Obasanjo is not a worthy person to write that letter. Under the Obsanjo administration $16 billion was spent on power plant but that money was wasted.
Where we are now at the privately owned domestic airport you can hear the sound of generator. The electricity in the facility is being powered by generator. Where is the $16 billion spent on electricity?
“It is just that governments are not serious. If the different tiers of government are serious they would address where the $16 billion meant for provision of power has gone. This should be addressed because people cannot be masquerading to be innocent when they are the biggest thief. You come to government with N20000 and you become a multi billionaire.
“You own banks, you own industries and you carry our money and give it to people to be doing something and you go around talking like an angel.
“ Before June this year I will write my own letter to President Buhari and that letter will be explosive. Nigerians will see my letter to Buhari and that will be explosive.”

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