Leadership crisis rock Kano Ndi-Igbo

From Mustapha Adamu Kano

Leadership crisis has rocked the Ndi-Igbo of Kano State, as both Boniface Ibekwe and Ikechukwu Oliver Akpudo claim the title of Eze Ndi-Igbo (Ezedioramma) of the state.
The crisis started with the death of Oliver John Chiejina, the Eze Ndi-Igbo (Ezedioramma lV) in 2015, as both the warring parties claimed to be his successor in line with Igbo Community Association (ICA) constitution after the normal burial rites of the deceased.
Our reporter gathered that a certain newspaper reported on Wednesday that one Nze Ignatus N. Nwosu and Chief Leonard Nwosu, believed to be from the camp of Akpudo had approached a Kano High Court number 4, requesting the court to nullify the emergence of Igwe Boniface Ibekwe as Eze-Ndi Igbo in Kano and he should stop parading himself as the Igbo leader in the state.
The report added that the court dismissed all the issues raised against Ibekwe and confirmed him as the Ezedioramma V, on the premise that the plaintiff had failed to prove his case.
But at a press conference yesterday, Akpudo denied the media report that he was defeated in the High Court in Kano by Ibekwe.
According to Akpudo, there was no time he instituted a legal case against Ibekwe at the said Kano High Court, claiming that the purported story was untrue and a concoction of lies to stir controversy and cause confusion among the Igbo community in the state.
Akpudo also dismissed any legal tussle with I Ekwe for dismissing his title and it’s nomenclature by Ibekwe or any other person.
The embattled leader also stressed that “I remain, His Royal Highness, Igwe Ikechukwu Akpudo, Eze Ndi-Igbo in Kano ( Ezedioramma v).
I was duly and constitutionally installed as the fifth Eze Ndi-Igbo in Kano, in line with the Igbo Community Association (ICA) constitution, after the normal burial rites were accorded to the Ezedioramma lV, Igwe John Chiejina Nnaji, “
He continued, “I advise Mr Boniface to desist from having blackmail and propaganda to gain cheap Popularity at the detriment of the sanctity, respect and royalty of Ndi-Igbo in Kano and the Igbo nation,“
While appealing to the press to crosscheck facts straight all times, Akpudo also calm on Igbo community in the state to remain calm and how about their normal businesses.

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