Lawmakers: Hate speech bill and the Senate, a boomerang to the lawmakers

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  1. Mr. Hassan has said it all: this democrazy we practice in Nigeria is a politics of numbers… of broken promises… of political escapade and espionage… of segregation of ideologies… of intimidating leaders: leaders who would rather post videos and barbaric statements abusing themselves than serve the welfare of the people. Leaders who would flaunt their expensive Prados in the face of lean and scraggy children, and would cry on Tv saying they are serving their fatherland.

    Since independence, and even before, Nigerian democracy is that of hereditary authoritarian political system. The same young men who led Young Nigeria as a year-old Nation are still the ones pressing thumps on loan documents, stuffing dollars in their capes and cloaks, in charge of the treasury room, serving as high ambassador and attaché. The ones that are dead are now helping their children carry out their failed attempts at borrowing the future of Nigeria and smashing it against the rock of debts, from the IMF, World Bank, and other businessmen disguising as NGOs etc.

    Until we, the youths learn how to stand alone; we will always find ourselves in the soup of political tyranny, hypocrisy and barbaric conspicuous ineptitude.

    The only leadership we deserve in Nigeria is:
    “A suffering leader and a happy people; a leader who will die clearing the path for his abusive followers; who will be ready to relinquish his hard-earned wealth to save a limbless child of a nobody”
    I fear if that leader can come from the gerontocrats of today: but I’m optimistic, optimistic that this coming Nigeria will be one, led righteously, by the youths.


  2. This isn’t a summary but a comprehensive write up of the totality if Nigeria politics and politicians.
    We willnt accept Hate Speech Bill untill they enact Death Sentence for Corrupt cases, Death Sentence for any President, Government, Senator all leaders at every political level who doesn’t perform more than average.
    Until the right thing is done and the poor masses are at peace with this democracy we never stop crying out loud.

  3. Hassan Idris, I really support your piece, because I saw truth dancing and waving in this speech.
    I do hope that, you will keep your pen inking up to eternity by God grace.

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