Lamudi’s Top Five cities to live in Africa

Global property giant, Lamudi have announced the top five cities in Africa to live.

Several companies, such as global player, Lamudi offer a way how finding and booking an apartment can be easy and fun. Now operating in 11 countries throughout Africa, the real estate giant picked out five top cities in Africa that are all different, but exciting to live in.

Their first favorite city, Tunis can be found in the north tip of Africa. The Happy Planet Index (HPI) has named Tunisia’s capital the second happiest place in Africa, which is probably due to having the Mediterranean Sea as a background. Furthermore, it is a meeting point for all kinds of cultures: Africans, Arabs and Europeans. Living in Tunis is not very expensive and one is able to move around the city with the rail network.

To continue with the west coast, Accra, the capital city of Ghana is an urban city with tropical climate which keeps growing and growing, opening new bars, restaurants, nightclubs and shopping malls. Additionally, it inhabits the Oxford Street of Africa, the Osu and Accra has developed far enough that it is easy to set up home in the high rise apartments quickly.

Kenya’s capital, Nairobi is a kind and gentle city where many multinational companies have set foot into for their African operations. Kenya is a country with an average rent of only $7 (1,120) per square meter and unlike other African cities the housing options with a reasonable size of land are affordable in Nairobi. But also apartments with swimming pool and fitness centers can be found frequently.

New listings on are registered every day and much money is spent to keep up its capital city’s development. The 20-floor Kigali City Tower has just been built and due to recent road constructions the traffic has decreased. Besides, Kigali is exactly the right city for wildlife enthusiasts. The city is built in hilly country in the center of Rwanda and makes large parts of its income with safari tourism.

One of the biggest cities in Africa and Lamudi’s fifth pick is located close to the equator: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania is a constantly growing city and is Africa’s third fastest growing city. It offers one of the oldest public universities, several museums of history and art, but also sandy beaches and a fast connection to the island of Zanzibar.

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