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Published On: Wed, Mar 5th, 2014

Lamido, Anas and politics of relevance

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By Adamu Muhammad Usman

Freedom of expression is one of the tenets of democracy; that is why no one can deny Abba Anas Adamu, a former member of the House of Representatives (Birniwa/Guri and Kiri Kasamma Federal constituency, 2007-2011 from Jigawa State) his right to an opinion on jigawa governor, Sule Lamido calling PDP to order. The interview granted by Abba Anas to a national newspaper on February 1, 2014 made interesting reading but Anas did make a fool of himself. For someone to tell the PDP leadership to be wary of Lamido is laughable because even Mr. President cannot doubt Lamido’s contribution to the growth of the ruling party.

Anas’s accusation that Lamido is “despotic and possessive” is a clear indication that he does not understand the governor at all. Where was Abba when Lamido gave a free hand to all Jigawa indigenes to excel in their life endeavours without deprivation, intimidation, victimization, humiliation and segregation? It is only during Lamido’s government that Jigawa state has had two ministers, an mbassador, Inspector General of Police (IGP) and Chief Justice of the Federation at the same time. If Lamido were possessive he should have suggested or recommended someone or some people from his Emirate, Dutse, or precisely from Birnin-Kudu, his local government area but he did not do that.

On Anas’ other charge that Lamido imposed candidates in the just concluded Jigawa LG elections, if I guess right, it was only one regional newspaper that first reported that allegation. What Lamido said was “Vote all the candidates because they are all my choices and my children”. There was no mention of “imposition”. Anas brought up the issue of the former Speaker, but that move was not in the best interest of most loving Nigerians because it meant to destabilize the polity. I agree with the Jigawa state PDP chairman who referred to Anas as “a desperate politician who wants to be relevant at all cost”.

If people had followed Anas’ political antecedents, they would have realized that had been in one way or the other causing confusion in the Nigerian polity. He was the only member then in the House from the north to come out abhorrently to call for Yar’adua’s resignation and/or impeachment. He was among the few members of the House who formed the Progressive Minded Lawmakers (PML) and as well he was the head of Nigerian First Forum (NFF), but where are all these forums now? Were all these moves for peace and progress of Jigawa or nation at large? Or for selfish aggrandizement?

Your accusation that Lamido denied you the ticket to return to the House in 2011 is baseless because if Lamido gave you the opportunity to return, it would have not served the interest of your own very people. You did not represent the people of Jigawa very well but your selfish interest. If not that, why didn’t he (Lamido) stop others especially Abdul-Aziz Umar who has been in the House since 1999 as a member and now is a serving as senator from your senatorial zone? Remember, Lamido was there in the House before you. He was the chairman of Nigerian Agricultural and Co-operative Bank (NACB), SDP National secretary, was a foreign affairs minister and today, he is a two-term governor.

Adamu Muhammad Usman is Special Adviser to Jigawa state governor on Media


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