Lalong and Plateau Muslims’ dilemma

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  1. Mafeng says:

    Is the community head title base on religion?or why is this writting emphasing about muslims? what about a berom man that is a muslim but is in bukuru, shouldn’t he recognise Gwom gyel as his traditional head?sorry, your appeal sounds agendiceous(if there is any word like that)

  2. davou says:

    You are among those that are breeding trouble in Plateau. How can you call Bukuru a Muslim community. It is either you are ignorant or you the ones that has refused to tell your children where you come from just to lie to them that Bukuru (Jos) is their fatherland

  3. Dalyop says:

    A true son of the soil can not destroy his land or the resources of his motherland imitate on this and have rethink,if you claimed that come from Jos.

  4. Abdul ali says:

    To me I know 1 old man who came to jos when there was only 7 houses in jos are u telling me he does not belong let’s tell our self’s the common trurth since when they born u u we’re living with Muslims or you go to the same school with some of them do u know when they come can u tell me how long Muslims community live here in plateau so mind ur words

  5. Lohkat says:

    Mr writter,please allow us to enjoy this little peace we are getting. Let truth be told,when has it been our culture to appoint our traditional leaders base on religion? What you are looking for you have not said it. At the same time you have succeeded in exposing yourself that you are not from Plateau.Crisis merchant,if that is what you are,kindly allow this Plateau to have peace. I am begging you.

  6. Hamisu says:

    Let’s live in peace with one another please irrespective of our religious differences ,we are all from same God, practice your religion and I practice mine , leadership is from God he gives and takes at anytime abeg ooo

  7. Martin says:

    Mr. Writer, from all indications your write-ups is skewed parochial towards religion…. Your analysis full of cosmetic truth. You are a historian by half. So in all the places you mentioned, the communities were headless before the coming of those Muslims heads right?
    Let me ask you, are there Christian communities in far north? Are they having ‘sarkin Krista’ in their localities? Are they heading any govt parastatals?
    Why should somebody somewhere will just beat drum of crisis at will like this?

    Iam calling on the plateau state govt to get this writer (Yusuf) arrested. He must be one of those that wanted to impose ‘sarkin kerana’in August this year.

    Fellow people of plateau, let us live in peace with one another and resist any voice of division crisis monger like this.
    Long live Nigeria. And God bless plateau state in Jesus name; Amen.

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