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Published On: Tue, Sep 23rd, 2014

Kwankwaso: An outlier without encumbrances (II)

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Rabiu-KwankwasoBy Ladipo Johnson

Take for instance; in Kano state where many fear Boko Haram and their hate for western education, Governor Kwankwaso has championed one of Nigeria’s greatest and most courageous movements in educational empowerment, especially that of the girl child. An analysis of the 2014 budget of Kano State shows that the man has set education as a key driver of his government spending: this stride is the first of its kind in Nigeria. In the 2014 budget, education got the second biggest vote of N20.85 billion of the entire public spending. It is on note that Kano state under Kwankwaso is one of the few states in Nigeria that have implemented, in practical terms, free compulsory education for all, and as stated in the words of Kwankwaso himself, “in our collective resolve to drive a knowledge based economy, government has already concluded arrangement to adopt a free education for all indigenes at all levels: primary, secondary and tertiary institutions in the state.”

In one state alone, Governor Kwankwaso has established two  state universities,  44 technical colleges across all the 44 Local Government of the state, twenty three (23) new vocational training institutions have been established and 2000 students received scholarship for advanced training overseas. As Nigeria sets its focus on tipping toward strong economic relevance in the committee of Nations, education and empowerment of our youths hold the greatest key. This is one of the reasons we know Governor Kwankwaso will lead Nigeria to its economic promise land.

In 2010, a British Council study reported that Nigeria stood, and still stands, on the threshold of what could be the greatest transformation in its history. By 2030, it will be one of the few countries in the world that has young workers in plentiful supply. Youth, not oil, will be the country’s most valuable resource in the twenty-first century. If Kwankwaso can do what he has done in one state without throwing the state into debt, we can imagine what he can do in the entire country of Nigeria, with its resources.

Experts know that after education, infrastructural development holds the key to economic growth, as good transportation and road networks aid economic activities. In this area, Kwankwaso is an outstanding success. To restore Kano state’s economic fortunes, Governor Kwankwaso is constructing dual carriage roads, with modern street lights and drainages in each of the 44 local governments of the state. The Governor is lifting the face and conduciveness of the state as well-planned cities with good infrastructure and facilities increase quality of life, reduce crime and increase attractiveness to foreign investments.

Governor Kwankwaso is transforming Kano State into a haven for both citizens and investors alike. Just at the city centre, a super imposing flyover which is first of its kind in northern Nigeria is being built almost to completion. This is not all as a second flyer covering over one kilometer is being built at the same time by the Governor. Those who live in the state or have been to Kano state testify that the state is undergoing massive physical infrastructural transformation as the Governor is transforming major residential areas in the state into districts with modern facilities as it obtains in advanced countries of the world. Pedestrians in Kano now walk on neatly-laid interlocking tiles that adorn the sidewalks of major roads. High traffic areas now have pedestrian bridges and high-rise medians.

The governor is as visionary as he is courageous. In agreement with Nelson Mandela’s beliefs that every human being deserves a house, Kwankwaso has invested massively and aggressively in building three (3) new CITIES within the state with the aim of decongesting the metropolis and bring development to remote villages. The CITIES have also provided affordable housing to thousands of households. The Governor is a firm believer in social and mass housing as he has embarked on mass housing projects with over 100,000 site and service plots in different areas of the state such as at the western by-pass corridor of Danbare, and Kuyan Ta’inna among other areas.

Drawing from the latest book from Mr. Gladwell, “David and Goliath”, I make bold to state that even though Nigeria’s problems are as many and gigantic as Goliath, Governor Rabiu Musa Kwankanso is the “DAVID with a sling and keystones” as evidenced by his current achievements in Kano State,  to help rescue Nigeria! I humbly invite Nigerians to eschew religious and ethnic bigotry and objectively investigate Kwankwaso’s tenure and service in Kano State and I am certain that many will thus rally round to support RMK for a new Nigerian story; one of peace, unity and prosperity! Concluded

Ladipo Johnson is a legal practitioner and policy consultant.

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