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Published On: Thu, Jul 24th, 2014

Kim Kardashian Divorce: It’s over after 58 day of marriage

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Kanye-west-kim-kardashian-jpgI wonder if it ever occurred to Kim Kardashian that she might be better off not getting married ever again. Obviously she still keeps reaching for her own personal vision of what happily-ever-after must look like, but it inevitably seems to be an epic fail. I don’t think anyone else on the planet would think that marrying Kanye West would be a good idea, but Kim did. The two have been married for a whopping 58 days (give or take) and already things might be over.

Kim Kardashian has taken her husband Kanye West’s last name on Twitter, but has learned he still thinks she has another man on her mind. Sources say that the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star has banned her family from mentioning ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush in front of her rapper husband — because, one source says, he’s “jealous!”

The issue arose again last weekend, according to a source, when Bush wed his girlfriend Lilit Avagyan.

“Kim went out of her way to avoid reading about Reggie’s wedding to Lilit last weekend,” an insider told Radar. “She doesn’t like to discuss Reggie, not even with her sisters. And Kim did remind her family to not mention Reggie’s name in front of Kanye, because he is very jealous of him.”

“There have been numerous assurances by Kim that Kanye has nothing to be jealous of, but there is always an argument when his name comes up,” the source said. “Kanye thinks that Reggie is still in love with Kim because he married a woman that looks exactly like her. And honestly, that isn’t lost on Kim either.”

Kardashian’s step-brother Brody Jenner flaunted her edict and raised eyebrows by attending Bush’s wedding, as he famously skipped out on attending his step-sister’s own nuptials to West in Italy.

“Of course it’s a huge diss to Kim that her step-brother went to her ex-boyfriend’s wedding, and not hers!” the insider previously told Radar. “But Brody has been friends with Reggie for years, and wouldn’t have missed his wedding. It’s no secret that Brody and Kim aren’t close.”

Meanwhile, family sources previously told Radar Kim has morphed into a totally different person since hooking up with West, who constantly scrutinizes Kim’s wardrobe, according to the source.

But with boyfriend Bush, who she dated on and off from 2007 to 2010, “Kim was a totally different person!” the source said. “There was so much laughter and joking between them. They were really a cute couple, and very much in love. Kim absolutely lit up when Reggie would enter a room.”

West has “questioned Kim at times” about her relationship with Bush, the source claimed, even going so far as to ask “how Reggie was in the bedroom, and who was a better lover. Kim of course says Kanye, but he doesn’t believe her, and is very insecure.”

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