Killings: Senate to meet security agencies on solution

By Musa Adamu and Ikechukwu Okaforadi

The Senate yesterday resolved to set aside a date within which to rub minds with heads of security agencies in the country with a view to providing solutions to killings in Kaduna state and other parts of the country.
The resolution followed a motion sponsored by Sen Suleiman Hunkuyi on the recent ethnos religious crisis that has engulfed Kaduna city and environs.
In his motion, Sen Hunkuyi who called on the Senate to call on the federal and state government to hasten to recovery of the Paramount Ruler of Adara kingdom, also faulted the prevailing curfew imposed on the city by the state government.
Hunkuyi said while the curfew was desirable it had become a cover for miscreants to perpetrate thier illicit trade.
He said: “The curfew, even though necessary, has failed to arrest the killings effectively. Similarly, other vices have continued to happened unabated. This goes to show that while the curfew is intended to curtail the killings it has has given cover to some hood looms to perpetrate their illicit trade.
“As I speak, the curfew is on but fear and apprehension continues in the city. So, even though calm has returned one can say its just the peace of the grave yard.”
Describing the incidence as unfortunate and sad, he said there was no justification for taking life by anyone.
Sen Danjuma La’ah, blamed the crisis on the Governor whom he accused of hellbent on purniahing the southern Kaduna for not voting him in 2015.
He further accused the Governor of leaving the state without properly handing over the reigns to his Deputy.
He said: “Nobody has any right to take anybody’s life. Much as it is commendable that the Governor was able to act quickly but was he supposed to leave the state without fully handing over to his deputy?
The Governor is the cause of all that is happening. He is punishing the southern Kaduna because they did not vote for him.”
Sen Kabiru Marafa on his part disagreed with Sen Hunkuyi on the handling on the crisis by the Governor, adding that the Governor deserved commendation and not condemnation.
He said: “On the curfew, I think the Governor deserves commendation for his prompt action. When this thing started, he flew back from wherever he was, imposed curfew, and was seen personally visiting the victims. I think that is leadership unlike what happens in my state.
“As a resident of Kaduna I think I have a sense of personal loss in what is going in that city. It is unfortunate that life no longer means anything in this country anymore. Where we have missed it in this country is that people have come to understand that people can do what ever they like and nothing would happen.
“As long people have this mindset and government has given life to it in the last 30 years that city and every other place would continue.”
Sen Shehu Sani, said the recent crisis was a narrative of the situation in Kaduna today and that it was also a reminder of the scuffle between Muslim and Christian communities in the state in the last 30 years.
He further recalled that Kasuwan Magani and many other communities had been faced with these kind of killings in the last 20 years.
“We must all rise against those who are hellbent on tearing us apart as a people. This Senate should condemned this violence.”
Sen Ahmed Abubakar said while he supports the prayers of Sen Hunkuyi, he added that: “I must say as I speak the same thing is happening in Lamurde in Adamawa state where people were killed and houses burnt by some militia. I wonder why this is coming now when it had gone quite for some time now. Security men must be alive to their responsibility.”
Sen Sam Egwu said: “As a nation we are gradually becoming a state of anarchist. Just two days people from Igala attacked my community and killed and beheaded about nine peaons in my community without much from the government. It seems life has no meaning again in this country. Even if it means closing down the national assembly to show the government that it needs to be serious we must do so.”
In his ruling, the President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki, urged both the Federal and the state government to hasten up and ensure the release of the Paramount ruler of Adara kingdom.
The Senate further called on the relevant Security to investigate the cause, arrest the preparatory and be bring them to book.
The Senate also asked NEMA to hastily come to the aid of the victims.

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