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Published On: Fri, Aug 31st, 2018

KCCN introduces Buchaechum in Nigeria to mark cultural day

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By IkechukwuOkaforadi

The Korean Cultural Center in Nigeria (KCCN), a department of the Embassy of Republic of Korea, yesterday held an exhibition of Buchaechum, which is a Korean hand fan, to mark the country’s cultural day for last month.
In a power point presentation made by RabiatuBoboyi, an administrative staff of the KCCN, she said Buchae means “a tool for creating wind!”
It is made up of paper-thin bamboo strips covered with paper or silk after they have been spread in a circular or semi-circular form.
These traditional paper fans are divided into two based on the shape, the Dandeon is the round fan and the Jeopseon is the folding fan.
“According to the Korean tradition, the Dandeon is usually used by women, whereas the Jeopseon is used by men. The folding fan is also referred to as the hapjukseon which translates to “joined bamboo fan”, she told the guests who came to participate in the cultural event.
The Buchaechum is made from the inner bark of mulberry trees, and Korean paper is both light and durable, providing an ideal material for handheld fans.
Speaking on the significance of the Buchaechum presentation to the guests, she said it is symbolic to the culture artifacts of Korea, adding that it offered opportunity to enlighten the guests on how the Korean hand fan was introduced in Nigeria.
Dandeon is a traditional Korean Fan. It is one of the symbolic culture artifacts of korea.
It represent the status of people in the society especially the rich people and poor people are not able to have it because it is too expensive to make. When people are seen using it in the street it represents their status. The more big their fan is the more it shows the society that they are of higher level.
“We want them to learn aspect of Korean culture and to encourage them to in their creativity and show them different ways of expressing themselves. We have dynamic guests here ranging from children, young and adult. And everyone one of them is enjoying themselves and they are all being creative here””, She said.
One of the guests, OnyinyechiAnams, while responding on how beneficial the programme is to them, said “I feel good because it is a new culture. It is a Korean culture and I feel good. From the video we were shown I think whenever I see the Korean fan I can know where it originated from.
“Learning a Korean culture I can add it to Nigerian culture and I am an Igbo so I think I can combine it with ours and see how well they can coexist. I thank Korea and it is the best way of reaching Nigerians and making them know other culture because most Nigerians don’t know there is something like Korea. It is a good thing what they are doing.

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