Kajuru crisis: Group harps on forgiveness, tolerance

From Femi Oyelola Kaduna

In order to put to an end the crises bedeviling Kaduna state especially Kajuru Local Government Area, a group under the auspices of our peace initiative had called on residents of the state to imbibe the spirit of forgiveness and tolerance.
Founder of the group, Mr Ibrahim Yarison made the assertion while speaking to the media in Kaduna yesterday.
According to him, residents of the crisis ridden area are known to practice the two major religions: Christianity and Islam which both preaches love and peace.
He further stated that from the adherents, it is said Islam is peace, forgiveness and love. While on the other hand Christianity is all about love.
However, Mr Yarison said it was surprising that the same adherents of both religions go about in reprisal attacks and revenge which God Almighty said He would do in their behalf.
“We applied this theory of not going on reprisal attacks in my community, Anguwan Maisamari in Malali/Badarawa District in Kaduna North Local Government Area after the post-election violence of 2011.
“From then no crises that erupted in Kaduna state find its way into the community, despite that residents are multi-religious and multi-ethnic.
“We see ourselves more as brothers and neighbors which should not be hurt, rather be protected.
“I am of the Christian faith, but I must say we Christians have failed by not being faithful to the tenets of our religion because if the Almighty God said, ‘Vengeance is Mine’, so why should we want to revange in His behalf?
“We should rather be afraid of the One who can destroy the body and soul, and put it in hell fire; not the one that can destroy the body alone.
“If we really practice our religion faithfully the crises bedeviling Kaduna and Nigeria in general will be reduced to the barest minimum,” he said.
Yarison called on religious leaders of the two faith to preach the principles of forgiveness and tolerance to their members for peaceful coexistence.
He however, called on the government to be sincere in its approach to matters that can lead to crisis, because in a state that a people or group are cheated and government refused to do justice to it, such people and group might feel betrayed and compelled to take laws into their hands.

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