Jonathan wants to kill me, Kwankwaso alleges

Jonathan_KwankwasoBy Ahmed I. Shekarau

Governor Rabi’u Musa Kwankwaso of Kano state has alleged that President Goodluck Jonathan was plotting to eliminate him, a report on PREMIUM TIMES has revealed.

The  Kano state governor, in an exclusive interview he granted the online newspaper in Abuja, said: “I have told my friends, and people of Kano, Nigerians and indeed the international community to hold Jonathan responsible for whatever happens to Kwankwaso, his family or even the people of Kano state”.

Governor Kwankwaso is not the first prominent political figure in the country to accuse President Jonathan, of plotting to eliminate him. At the peak of his prolonged row with the president, Governor Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers state, made a similar allegation.

Addressing an All Progressives Congress (APC) rally in Port Harcourt on the 23rd of December, last year, Amaechi claimed that he is one of the persons on the list of 1,000 politicians that the president was allegedly targeting to kill, as alleged in former Presi dent Olusegun Obasanjo’s famous letter to President Jonathan.

“There is no rule of law in Nigeria at all. We are being molested by police. They are paying thugs to shoot dynamites and guns against innocent citizens,” Amaechi told the crowd.

Citing the letter by Obasanjo, alleging that President Jonathan had hired snipers for targeted politicians, Ameachi alleged that: “I am number on the list.

“They want to kill me but they have no God.  The God we worship will do what?, he asked. “Kill them,” the crowd responded.

In his interview with PREMIUM TIMES, excerpts of which was published on the newspaper’s site yesterday, Kwankwaso also accused the president of igniting crisis in Kano state after the appointment of former Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) governor, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, as new Emir of Kano on Sunday.

PREMIUM TIMES said, Presidential spokespersons, Reuben Abati and Doyin Okupe, did not respond to its requests for comments yesterday.

Similar, our reporter made efforts to get Mr. Abati’s reaction to Kwankwaso’s allegations last night, but the Presidential spokesman neither answered repeated calls to his cell phones nor replied to an sms sent to them.

Sources close to the newly appointed Political Adviser to the president, Professor Rufa’i Alkali, also told our reporter last night that he (Alkali), may not want to comment on such an issue barely 24 hours after he assumed duty.

Kwankwaso further claimed in his interview with PREMIUM TIMES, that he had “credible information” the president instructed his supporters in Kano to unleash “mayhem” on the state.

“We don’t know his intention, but, certainly the intention is not good,” he said. “We have to tell him that igniting crisis in Kano is not in the interest of anybody. We have enough crisis already in the country, and now they are funding their stooges in Kano to protest and burn government properties”, he added.

The governor further claimed that the president was bent on igniting crisis in Kano because the state is controlled by the APC.

“Recently, we also lost an esteemed Emir in Gombe and they basically followed the same process to elect a new emir, but they did not say anything because it is a PDP state.

“Now they are funding crisis in our state, I have never seen something like this,” Kwankwaso said.

The governor confirmed reports that the new Kano emir, Sanusi, was unable to move to the palace due to a police siege on the building, a development he equally blamed on the presidency.

He accused the presidency of planning to arrest Sanusi to stop his appointment as emir.

“We got information that they were planning to arrest him, so, we moved him to the Government House. I don’t want to imagine what would have happened if they succeeded,” he said.

The governor claimed that his government and the APC enjoy overwhelming support in the state, and was only bidding their time before reacting to the “intimidation” from the federal government.

“By the recent survey we just had and the local government election we held, we enjoy about 92 per cent support of the population, and the remaining 8 per cent are brewing and supporting crisis. There will come a time when this 92 per cent will be on the offensive, that is when they will realise that they are making a mistake.

“A sitting president brewing a crisis in a state like Kano? Everybody in this country knows that it is Jonathan that is creating this problem in Kano. I am yet to know why, but posterity will clearly show what his intentions are,” he said.

On the siege on the Emir’s palace, Kwankwaso said his government was just “watching and seeing how far they can go”.

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