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Published On: Sun, Jul 20th, 2014

Jonathan, before you borrow the one billion dollars

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By Peregrino Brimah

President Goodluck wants to borrow a billion dollars from abroad to ‘fight Boko Haram.’ Where is our money? Senate President, David Mark,  says that the $20 billion said to have gone missing from NNPC account was not missing  after all but was ‘unaccounted for.’ We will like to advise that the government take one billion from that account and use it for the security upgrade.

Why does the senate not immediately truncate Diezani Allison-Madueke’s fraudulent kerosene subsidy scam that plunders $4million daily from the poor families from Chibok to Otuoke, a total of $1.5 billion dollars per year and utilize this money she uses to wear costly jewelry, and diverts through renting private jets, and uses to keep her stooges tripping with Naomi Campbell in exorbitant Yachts in land-of-flowers Switzerland, and ‘borrow’ Nigeria these billions for our security upgrades?

The need for finances and upgrades to combat terror can well be legitimized; however the simple format of organized life demands that before new funds are processed for any operation, there must be an audit and thorough review of prior utility and investment of funds. What is and has the Nigerian government done in the past 5 years and with now up to 25% of the annual budget towards fighting Boko Haram – who are described as having the upper hand today – and overall upgrading of the Nigerian army? Can we have external or open internal (known youth activist) auditors review the current accounts and expenditures of the Nigerian security departments?

 Before we borrow this one billion dollars from the white master, can Nigerian have a detailed presentation of the current administration’s strategies against terror, the plan to improve the army currently experiencing as many and over one hundred deserters/week and the long term over all security update target? Can we see the quality control system that is in place and will be in place to oversee the utility of the billions being spent on security from our 25% budgetary allocation to security and this additional one billion dollars? How do the Jonathan presidency and minister of defense account for the cobra tanks, APCs and weapons being transferred to Boko Haram, which are being used to decimate unarmed civilian farming populations in the north?

What guarantee do we have that new equipment will not also be transferred to the Boko Haram terrorists and new air defense systems will not continue to be used to rather provide cover for Boko Haram in their activities as obtains today? Without such guarantee the people rather request the full pull-out of the army from the north east as the army constitutes a greater danger by transferring sophisticated equipment to the terrorists while maintaining the de-arming of the sitting duck civilian populace. What maintenance guarantee do we have for this new expenditure?

Without the arrest of sponsors of terror, funds are simply being poured into a basket. We demand that before any further extra-budgetary finances are secured for ‘combating terror,’ that the sponsors of terror who ‘dine with the president,’ must be brought to book. We demand that Bamanga Tukur a Boko Haram sympathizer at the very least is brought to book for his position in support of the terrorists.

Nigeria must go after the sponsors of terror now and lock them up and kill them, before any other methods that have failed for the past 5 years of this administration and that have allowed the pogrom deaths of over 80,000 northern poor farmers and the displacement of over 3 million, to continue. It is time for maturity and responsibility. We patriotic civilians of Nigeria are ready to step in. We have requested executive approval from President Jonathan and our men, the thousands of civilian-JTF, the hunters in Borno and committed Nigerians across the nation including signed up ex-soldiers are on stand-by for Jonathan’s responsible approval for a civilian army to rid Borno’s forests of the terrorists.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah is reachable on; Twitter: @EveryNigerian

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