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Published On: Fri, Dec 1st, 2017

Is it safe to eat the husk of an Avocado seed?

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Rob Hobson, a registered nutritionist and Head of Nutrition at Healthspan, said he would not recommend eating the husk of the fruit.
‘The research is really interesting and adds to the health credentials of the avocado. But we need further research before we can say it’s beneficial to eat the husk.
‘The study refers to some sort of “additional processing” of the ground powder of the husk being carried out – we don’t know what this involves.
‘Plus, the findings don’t tell us what quantities of these protective compounds a person should consume each day. The safety of extracts from the husk would need to be tested too.’
He recommended that people stick to eating the fruit/pulp.
‘Avocado are a tasty and nutritious food to include in your diet, providing you with “good” fats which means it can help keep your cholesterol levels already in the healthy range, and helping lower your risk for heart disease.
‘It may well be that more research about the nutritional benefits of the husk leads to supplements but I would hang on consuming them for now.’

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