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Published On: Tue, Sep 30th, 2014

Is beating up a judge fair game?

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By Bamidele Ademola-Olateju

There are tells in the Ekiti Story for the Ekiti’s, the Yorubas especially, and Nigerians. The poor masses are the schnooks, taken hostage, pillaged and duped by their favorite thug and crook. Slaps and unsolicited beating is what you get when you elect a blow-dried thug because he played Ayo games board with you and ate corn, roasted by your wives. Ayo Fayose is his normal self – thuggish, ungentlemanly and totally ill mannered. He cannot help himself, he is, who he is. He cannot change, it is the people who must learn, discern impostors and first rate, certified Akotiletas. He is a graphic representative of the embarrassments we have groomed and cultivated in a land rooted on sound mores and values until the love of easy money robbed us of our senses.

The Ekiti governor elect, Buruji Kashamu, Iyiola Omisore and the renegade types are the Ajantala’s, sent to us by the Irunmale’s to punish us for embracing greed, sloth and gluttony. We deserve each and everyone of these Yoruba men, who describes their father’s houses gesturing with the left hand. They are visited upon us because we have lost our values. Nothing will change, we will have more if the same unless we retrace our steps and redefine our way of life. If we don’t, our loss will continue to adapted us to the unfathomable normalization of wrecked lives and mangled psyches that are its fallouts.

On Channels TV Sunrise programme last Sunday, the Attorney General of Ekiti state, Wale Fapohunda, spoke about what happened at the Ekiti state High Court on Thursday September 25th where a judge was assaulted. Justice Adeyeye (the judge beaten by Fayose’s thugs), told him he was never slapped by Ayo Fayose but that Ayo Fayose supervised his beating – same difference! In Wale Fapounda own words…“When I spoke to the judge, the judge did not say that the governor-elect slapped him. He said he supervised his beating.

The judge said he (Fayose) was there, and was standing while his thugs, for want of a better word, beat the judge. Not only did they beat him up, they tore his clothes.” Eye witness accounts and pictures taken at the scene showed Fayose’s supporters ransacking court rooms, tearing court documents and vandalizing court furnishings. Justice Adeyeye apparently approached Ayo Fayose as a gentleman, to control his gaggle of thugs. He got beaten to pulp and his clothes torn to shreds for daring to ask Fayose to control his thugs. Strange enough, the Justice was not even the presiding Judge on Fayose’s case. Wiser Judges who are attuned to the system, had communicated with their legs through the window. With the Fayose’s of our world, it is pointless being a gentleman. The likes of Fayose do not have any use for wusses. In Nigeria, gentlemen are wusses, if you consider yourself of good breeding and good morals, take flight at the slightest threat by pugilists, protect your life!

If you are in doubt if Fayose’s will suffer any consequences, you aren’t living in Nigeria. Have you forgotten how Jonathan called all Yorubas “those rascals”? He did not have to apologize. It wasn’t one of those things he said in drunken stupor. He meant it and his boy, Fayose has proved it. On a platter clustered by sniffer dogs, armourded personnel carriers and soldiers with enough power to destroy ISIS, he served a renowed rascal to his rascally people. He did because impunity pervades the land. Actions do not have consequences in Nigeria! if you are in power or connected to it. Has Fayose suffered any legal setbacks since September 25, 2014? None! And nothing will happen! This is Nigeria,;you can get away with anything as long as you belong to the Establishment. Fayose is a political mafioso, his conduct is protected under government-approved misbehavior and bullying. He will not be charged, unless something really, really bad happens like slapping the Ewi Of Ado Ekiti. That, I doubt he will do, even if he were born by a baboon.

I’m not a lawyer, but in the United States from where we copied our system of government, assault on the police, peace officer or judicial officer is a big crime. A person commits the offense of assault on a peace officer or judicial officer if the person purposely or knowingly causes: bodily injury to a peace officer or judicial officer; reasonable apprehension of serious bodily injury in a peace officer or judicial officer by use of a weapon; bodily injury to a peace officer or judicial officer with a weapon; or serious bodily injury to a peace officer or judicial officer. Persons convicted of assault on a peace officer or judicial officer under subsection are imprisoned in the state prison for a term of not less than 2 years or more than 10 years and may be fined an amount up to $50,000.

The story in Ekiti  is rights robbery. The truth is; we have been robbed. After getting robbed, we are imprisoned. And who robbed us? The people we trusted as leaders, from every stratum of the Nigerian society. I’m ashamed my country of birth screwed my generation and those after us over, robbed us of our dignity, condemned us to a life of scraping by, begging and swindling and selling ourselves. We sell ourselves at any price, we even sell ourselves short.

I don’t know what to tell the Ekiti people. If the atmosphere of impunity that is holding reign in the land is anything to go by, I do know, the people of Ekiti State have mortgaged their peace of mind, their development and progress for the next four years for a cup of rice and jar of kerosene. Welcome to another 4years of blind looting and thuggery. It is Fayose’s country and it is what it is!


Bamidele Ademola-Olateju via Twitter: @olufunmilayo

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