Published On: Tue, May 31st, 2016

International Energy Insurance now Heritage Energy Insurance

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As part of efforts to re-strategise to capture and gain more market penetration in the Ghana, the International Energy Insurance has changed to Heritage Energy Insurance (HEI).

According to the Insurance firm, its new identity, aside making it more relevant to the needs of its customers in the 21st century, would also re-assure stakeholders of management’s commitment in raising the standards of the company to a higher level.Mr Uche Okufo, the Managing Director of HEI, said at the launch in Accra that the company aimed at setting up the heritage and leaving a legacy in the insurance industry for future leaders as they believed success without a successor was failure.

He said the company had the belief that the rebranding marked a new chapter in HEI and the entire team was working to achieve its objectives. Mr Okufo said there were new strategies as well as new shareholders and so it was appropriate to re-launch the company to give it a new identity different from the parent company in Nigeria.

He said HEI was bringing product innovation and many new frontiers into the Ghanaian market and revealed that the future looked bright as investors were investing into the company.

Mr Okufo identified the low market penetration as a challenge within the insurance industry however, “HEI, through its eight years of existence, had been creating awareness to address the issue,” adding that “most people are not interested in insurance, but it is time we all adopt insurance as a way of life”.

He said basically, in terms of the compulsory line of the insurance business, it was the role of government to support the insurance industry by ensuring that it was not just a law but was actually being implemented to help the insurance companies to grow capacity.

Mr Ifie Sekibo, the Managing Director of Heritage Bank, Nigeria, said in today’s corporate world, there was the need for organisations to adopt what was usually termed as optimal thinking; a term he described as instead of suppressing someone’s negativity, the best thing to do is accept negativity, understand the cause of it and try to optimise situations. He said an optimal thinker would not only announce that “he will make profit or will achieve a particular goal just to send a signal to stakeholders, but will first and foremost ask these questions; how can our company make profit in the next six months or one year?, what are the factors within and without our control?”

He said such a person would look out for the best options available within the circumstance present at the organisation’s disposal to deal with the problem or to achieve their objectives.


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