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Published On: Wed, Jul 24th, 2019

Insecurity: Sen Suswam tasks Journalists on responsible reportage

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By Musa Adamu and Ikechukwu Okaforadi

Sen Gabriel Suswam has appealed to Nigeria journalists to eschew reporting insecurity in the country through their political biases.
Responding to question on whether the Shiites protests turned violent because the government failed to obey court order granting their leader a bail, Sen Suswam said it was expected that even as journalists “ you must have your political leanings,” but security matters affected every Nigerian.
He said those “who are causing mayhem in the country do not differentiate between APC and PDP, adding that “when it is time for politics we will play it,” adding that this was about collective survival.
He said as a “Lawyer our constitution is very clear on the issue of obeying court order but where that may put the security of the nation in jeopardy, the President has a duty to way his options.
“I am not in position to know, but I believe the President’s advisers know what we don’t know. And this is why as a Senate we have decided to work hand in hand with the executive to address the challenge.”
The former Governor of Benue state also spoke on the security situation in his state, saying that the situation had always been there but that many Nigerians were unaware of it because of the manner he handled it.
“I must tell you that in Benue we have lived time immemorial with one another in harmony. This was so particularly between the Tiv and the Fulani. This is why is common to see the two teasing each another. I can tell you that some of the Fulani born there can even speak Tiv dialect better than me.
“But, a phenomenon emerged where a breed of Fulani we did not know about came about behaving and speaking in dialect we don’t understand. This breed of Fulani are only interested in killing when you disagreed with them.
“When this thing started at the twilight of my administration people wanted to make political capital out of it as if it was a Benue thing but today we know better. We must desist from narrowing security challenges and know that it affects us all.”
He said he would use his stay in the Senate to collaborate with others to overcome insecurity and infrastructure deficit in the country, saying these are what defined a country “whether as success or not.”

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