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Published On: Wed, Nov 5th, 2014

Insecurity: Residents bemoan influx of coporate beggars

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Security personnel seal the scene of a bomb attack in KanoBy Stanley Onyekwere

Many residents of Abuja, the nation’s capital have bemoaned the overrunning of the city by corporate beggars, who constantly waylay them with different excuses for being stranded on the street, and request for money, to transport themselves to their destination.

A cross section of some residents, who spoke to Peoples Daily, yesterday said although the issue had existed in the City, but the country’s rising political temperature seem to have worsened it, thereby subjecting people to a lot of uneasiness.

They said that these corporate beggars are now everywhere in the city, especially motor parks and busy government office areas.

Every day I come across some of these corporate beggars in expensive suits and other attire roaming the streets, claiming being stranded on the road, and ask for cash to take them home.

“But, the next day, you go to a different spot, you will find them there doing the same thing, without showing any remorse,” says a resident, Akin Oke, who was seen at Berger bus-stop, in Abuja.

Another resident, in Jabi, Uju Igwe, who described the situation as very disturbing, labeled individuals, who engage in such acts as lazy bones, because they wouldn’t take up tough work to earn a living for themselves.

“They won’t even work if you manage to find them a good job. They just want free cash.

“But the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) should intervene immediately, before this gets out of hand, as the beggars are defacing the beauty of the capital city.

“The FCT minister should see that these lazy people are sent packing from the city, to their various villages, as the city cannot accommodate them,” she said.

Similarly, a civil servant, Ade Olu, said that it beats ones imagination to see a lot of well-dressed jobless people especially young men begging like the way they are doing in the city.

He added that it is not as if they are not able to work, but they are only interested in having money to spend.

According to him, often than not they (corporate beggars) more often than not use the money the gather for drinking, smoking and other social vices in the Territory.

Also, another resident, Umaru Abu, who was seen around FCT minister’s office, in Area 11, said the issue has become an everyday affair, as the beggars hang around, waiting for people to be money from.

He said with the rising political temperature in the country, the number of people in the business has increased, especially at political gatherings and offices within the city.

“It’s not as if these guys are illiterates, as they not only communicate in good English, but they appear intellectually sound.

“What do you expect when politicians throw money at their supporters; this has attracted a lot more people to start corporate begging,” he stressed.

On his part, Hamza Kamal, said the government should be held responsible for the raise in corporate begging in our major cities, as there are no jobs for the teeming populace.

“For me, what these people (corporate beggars) are doing is not a serious wrong doing, as they don’t force anyone to give them money.

“At least is better than stealing or engaging in other nefarious activities.

“When they (government) have failed to provide employment for her populace, how are the people supposed to survive, without committing crimes, that’s why some of them thought it wise to beg those who have, in order to survive,” he explained.

“These people (corporate beggars) are everywhere; at the bus-stops, motor parks and busy streets, pretending to be stranded or facing one challenge or the other.

“Because of these corporate beggars, who constantly harass people, with their lies, I’m always uneasy standing at the bus stop, as hardly you will have them coming to you for one thing or the other.

“Some of them will even dictate to you the amount they want from you, but in a polite way like “Pls sir, I’m stranded, can I get N500 from you, to take me home,” according to a resident, Ibe Onyeukwu, who was spotted at a bus stop in Wuse.

Not left out, a student, Kingsley James, these days, we see them (corporate beggars) around schools in the FCT, asking for any form of financial assistance from students and teachers.

“But for me as soon as I spot anyone of them (corporate beggars), I even walk faster, as I have been warned by my parents not to pay attention to them,” he expressed.


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