Insecurity: 150,000 youths set to occupy Kaduna metropolis

okada-ridersApparently worried over the continued killings in North, a group, under the aegis of Northern Youths Consensus Movement , yesterday said it has concluded arrangements to mobilize 150,000 youths from the region to occupy Kaduna metropolis until the Federal Government addresses the insecurity challenges in the region.

The Coordinator of the movement, Comrade Ibrahim Garba Awala, who disclosed this to journalists in Kaduna, said they intend to occupy the metropolis for three days starting from tomorrow (Saturday) to Monday.

According to him, the venue of the occupation protest is Murtala Muhammad Square and that the protest would be peaceful.

He said that northerners, particularly youth were tired of the bombings and killings of innocent lives in the country particularly North-East region.

Comrade Awala said it appears that the Federal Government is not concerned about finding the actual people killings its citizens.

“Killings are increasing in the North on a daily basis and the government seems not to be doing anything to stop it. As Northerners and Nigerians, we believe, we must gather to fight this insecurity problem together, because the security of Nigeria is a collective responsibility.

“Nobody can stop us from exercising our right of ensuring the security of this country. Since our leaders are not bothered about the security of the region, we, the youths, will take our future into our hands, by ensuring that we occupy Kaduna until the right thing is done”, he said.

The youths also called on northern delegates in the on-going National Conference and members of National Assembly from north to return home in protest against the insecurity problem.

Comrade Awala said they have no business sitting in Abuja while their people are being killed and bombed everyday.

“It is better for the National Assembly members to return home in their own interest, because whoever refuses to return home will be considered to be among those benefiting from the insecurity,” he said.

The youths leader further added that they will ensure that the occupy Kaduna protest is peaceful as the also warned that whoever try to stop them from expressing their anger on the killings taken place in the region would be considered an enemy of the North.

He vowed that as youth they are ever ready to sacrifice their lives for the success of the ‘Occupy Kaduna’ protest and for the stability of Kaduna and Nigeria.

The youth also said that they have put in place measures to prevent hoodlums and thugs from hijacking the protest scheduled to take place at the appointed date.


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