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Published On: Wed, Oct 22nd, 2014

Immigration CG responsible for e-passport delivery/Address verification, not Minister – Chief Supt

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Mr Ime Nta, Chief Supt and Special Assistant on Security to Hon. Minister of Interior has once again come out to defend his boss, Comrade Abba Moro for Greater Washington Nigeria Limited on e-passport delivery/Address verification scandal in this interview with our reporter Edoamaowo Udeme, Nta opens up on this topical issue that has sent tongues wagging, Excerpts;

Do you think that your last interview on Peoples Daily, August 10,2014 captioned “Nepotism caused Immigration recruitment fiasco, says NIS Chief Superintendent’’ has corrected the widely published media report that Comrade Abba Moro was responsible for the ill- fated Immigration Stampede and should be sacked?

With or without my interview, the truth would have emerged in the long run because it was only a handful of Immigration Officers that wanted to manipulate the facts with some of your colleagues who mortgaged their individual and collective consciences.

What is your comment on Daily Trust of October 15 2014, captioned ’’ No Job redemption for Stampede Victims’’ and in another development that some people have dragged the Hon Minister to court by calling for his sack?

Impatience and Democracy at work. The President has never reneged on any of his promises to the Nigerian people, needless talking of innocent Nigerians that sacrificed their blood in search of employment. I think going to court is a better option than those sponsored youths that resorted to abusive and insulting languages against a Honourable Minister that is supposed to be their father.

What do you say on the recent report carried out by International Centre for Investigative Reporting (ICIR) dated September 25,2014 captioned ’’ Abba Moro’s New Scheme to Extort Money from Nigerians’’, specifically using Greater Washington Nigeria Limited to fleece Nigerians of billions of Naira on e-passport delivery and Address Verification Services?

I have greater respect for International Centre for Investigative Reporting (ICIR) but this time around they were misinformed of the facts. I emphatically and categorically place on records that the Hon Minister of Interior –Comrade Abba Moro as the supervisory Minister that superintend over Immigration did not approve any contract with Greater Washington Nigerian Limited.

In summary, ICIR stated that it is not the first time Mr Moro would be using his office to unilaterally contrive a policy that would fleece Nigerians by enriching a private company. That the Comptroller General of NIS reportedly wrote to the Hon Minister five times trying to dissuade him to no avail?

It is untrue and unsavoury. The Comptroller initiated the issue of Greater Washington Nigeria Limited in December, 2013 by sending a memo to the Hon Minister for a presentation of their proposal which was agreeable to the Hon. Minister. On September 17, 2014 the Comptroller General without the knowledge of the Hon Minister proceeded to enter into an Agreement and agreed on the sharing formula for fees of N2000 payable to Messr Greater Washington without Ministerial approval.

How can you justify the fact that his Special Assistant –Udoh was quoted to have forwarded the response of the questionnaire that defending the relevance Greater Washington Nigeria Limited to ICIR?

The former Special Assistant on Media-Udoh and the Comptroller General of Nigeria Immigration Service are in a better position to tell Nigerians why they responded to the questionnaire that was meant for the Hon. Minister of Interior without his knowledge.

Are you now saying that Nigerians should discard the story reported on Desert Herald dated September 30,2014 ,captioned ’’ Fresh Graft Scandal Threatens FG—Poised To Consume Minister’’?

Yes, the story which was a fruitless attempt to denigrate the office of the Hon. Minister can best be described as false, uncharitable, reckless, baseless, malicious and slanderous with no controvertible evidences.

Don’t you think it will be better for the Ministry to make a rejoinder

against the publication of Herald Desert and ICIR ?

No. It is not wise to dissipate energy, time and resources to further compound the already multi-facets problems of the publisher of Herald Desert.

What about ICIR?

No and Yes. No, I expect International Centre for Investigative Reporting (ICIR)for purpose of a balanced investigative reporting to also extend same privilege of interview they held with the Comptroller General which was published on-line with the Hon. Minister or his authorised aide. Yes, to correct some distorted facts and restore the credibility of their investigative report.

Do you agree with the position of the ICIR that it was unwise for the Federal Government to enter into e-passport delivery and Address Verification with Greater Washington Nigeria Limited?

The Federal Government of which the Hon Minister of Interior holds forte on agencies under its purview did not enter into any contract with Greater Washington Nigeria Limited. I reserve my comments for another day whether the position canvassed my by Comptroller General in the interview with International Centre for Investigative Reporting (ICIR) is agreeable by me as the Special Assistant on Immigration to the Hon Minister

Why is Comrade Abba Moro the only controversial Minister?

Other notable and performing Ministers including our amiable President who are sincerely committed to a new order against the whims of the cabals like Ministers of FCT, Finance, Petroleum to mention few are guests to slanderous and malicious media sponsored backlashing

Is it a good scenario?

Absolutely not but there are natural and spiritual. Historical research has proven that most controversial men are great but misunderstood due to ignorant or envy of God’s favour in their life. The mere fact that our President is the most criticised among his contemporises has not invalidate the incontestable fact of his exceptional achievements which has not only earned him automatic nomination from the largest political party in the world but endeared him to majority of Nigerians. Biblically, Jesus Christ among others was the most controversial and misunderstood but most admired, respected and most importantly has become a source of hope and love by generations after his ascension.

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