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Published On: Tue, Oct 21st, 2014

I’m the President Nigeria needs in 2015 – Lajada

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As the race to occupy Aso Rock Villa hots-up, many prominent Nigerians have indicated their interest to contest for the position of President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. One of the contenders for the country’s highest office isa young Nigerian entrepreneur based in the United States of America (USA), Ibrahim Abubakar Lajada. In this piece, he believes that he is the President Nigeria needs in 2015. Stanley Onyekwere writes.

Born on August 4, 1983 in Biu, Borno State, he attended Barki Primary school, Biu, where he obtained his first school leaving certificate in 1996 and Lajada High school, where he obtained the WASSCE Certificate, in 2002. He then proceeded to the University of Maiduguri, where he obtained Diploma in Public Administration. But his search for knowledge catapulted him to the US, where he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in International Business, and a Masters in Political Economics, before settling down to build his business empire.

For this young business tycoon cum politician, the 2015 general elections is the opportunity Nigerians have to do away with old and recycled politicians who have run out of ideas on how to turn the fortunes of the country around for the better.

His economic plan of action

According to him, making economic progress depends on adding value, which is the primary goal of an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship can also add value by creating jobs. It is a very simple process. The more jobs are created, the more value is added and vice versa. Entrepreneurship is by far the most effective method to enable people to earn more, and in turn they will consume more and become participating members of the economy. All human beings want freedom and the right to determine their destiny as individuals and as peoples, and in order to do so, we need the opportunity to rise above poverty. No power on earth can stop an idea whose time has come, we can follow the traditional way, tighten our belts, tighten and tighten, but if we do that it will lead to misery and more unemployment. There is an alternative path. The idea whose time has come is that Nigeria should emerge as a major global and economic power. The alternative path is economic stabilization and a credible structural adjustment program that I will introduce when I become the President of The Federal Republic of Nigeria in 2015.

Nigeria has resources in all parts of the country to sell. All states of the federation have products they can produce and export. Within my first 30 days in Aso Rock Villa I will invite the governors to a meeting and encourage them to work with private sector operators to produce and sell what they have not only to other states and Nigerians but also for export to other African Nations and to the rest of the world.Nigeria is an agro-based economy even before the civil war and that is why they did not borrow money to prosecute the war or finances our basic infrastructures and institutions. We should be able to revive this process like it happened in that period where oil is not an issue.We will introduce competition, both internal competition and external competition. We will made risk taking much more attractive and much more profitable. So we will try to create an environment conductive to the growth of business. We will remove a large number of controls and regulations, which in the past had stifled the spirit of innovation and the spirit of entrepreneurship, and restructured the scope of competition, both internal and external.

My dream is that as we are in a crisis, that we should undertake basic structural changes. Out of that would emerge a new Nigeria, free from be no poverty, ignorance and disease. We get that Nigeria becoming a major global player in the world economy. That is the vision that will inspire our economic reforms.We can do these with the provision for making it easy to start a business in a legal way, securing property rights, and ensuring judicial independence and impartial courts. We will put more emphasis on basic education and health care as priorities.

But change must start from within the individual. For individual leaders, finding solution requires a flexible mind. When facing a problem, the leader needs not only a very high level of knowledge and competence, but also the ability to identify the right view and then to act on it.

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