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Published On: Mon, Aug 13th, 2018

How we are killing education

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By Rabiu Oladele

These are the things I hear each and every one of us want from our government to provide for us, but do you know that we are the cause of the reason they have not been doing what we want.
Education is what builds a nation. But since we all have neglect education, the government has their choice not to do it for us. They have noticed that we have misplaced our priorities.
You might want to wonder how am I a contributor to the inefficiency of the government to produce what’s needed towards education. I will like to let you know that for anyone/organization/politicians who want to get a desired result for any set goals, they put into consideration who their audience are and how to get their attention. These leads them to making lot of research to be sure on how to get their desired results. One of the best place to get attention of their audience is the cyber space which could also be the Social Media. What they do is to get to know what you and I do online, what is our interest, how do we respond to issues online. After getting all these statistics, they put it in the proper usage to get our attention and manipulate the way we think.

Due to my professional career as a digital marketer, I have the opportunity to follow up on online trending issues via various channel or platforms (Facebook, twitter, Instagram, google, etc…)
Some months ago, there was a serious argument online when someone from University of Nigeria Nnsuka graduated with 1st class and was awarded the sun of 10,000 naira only as compared to the winner of Big Brother Africa who is awarded millions of naira. To me, it’s not the fault of any organization that is not sponsoring educational activities, WE caused it. I will like you to do me a favor, go online and try to know what are the things Nigerians ask GOOGLE search engine and you will be surprise to see what the results are. Nigerians lack the will to learn. The response you will likely see are : how to tie GELE; how to dance SHAKU SHAKU; Wizkid music SOCO; who is the richest musician in Nigeria; BLACK PANTHER; NPOWER; How to prepare banger soup; BET9JA; NAIRABET; who is the best between RONALDO and MESSI; football FIXTURES and RESULT and so many un educating queries. Now, if any organization is ready to have a positive result towards the benefit of its organization, they will rather want to go along with what the audience wants and better organize a SHAKU SHAKU dance challenge which they know they will get enough engagement from the audience and at the end, will gain more customers, so in return, they give out token to the winners.
Some weeks ago, there was an online trend of BANKS WAR in Nigeria and a lot of banks keeps using polite insult against each other. The bank (name withheld) that started it doesn’t just decided to do that, it had understudied that Twitter has become a savage country where people insult anyhow. And obviously, the bank wasn’t getting enough engagement and they needed to do something to bring enough audience to their timeline, this definitely work out for them because for almost throughout that week, the trending issue was all about the BANKS WAR.
In 2015, the politicians noticed that propaganda is what they could use to get the attention of the masses, then made use of it to their advantage, it helped the present ruling party to win that particular election. As a politician who already have the knowledge of what people are looking for online can also just make a promise that he will make sure he bring Cristiano Ronaldo to the country to train with the super eagles and a lot will fall for it because all we want is ENTERTAINMENT and FOOTBALL.
If you try to get what the advanced countries like UK query the search engines, you will see topics like; how to make money online, how to buy and sell bitcoin, where can i get the nearest library; where to get academic scholarship; how to get sponsors for academic research etc… these type of search engine queries is what will motivate and encourage organizations on developing contents that will encourage learning and at the same time organize events that will make people want to learn more
Our priorities as human or even Nigerian citizens should not be misplaced. Yes, we can have fun, we can play but we shouldn’t sacrifice the ability to learn for jokes and having fun alone, you and I are the one that is making education going down the drain when we are not interested in learning, teaching and also re learning.
Let us try to work on ourselves and get to know more of the necessary things that we all need to improve our Nation Nigeria. It is said that if you want to kill a nation, kill education first and the nation is dead, so also if you want to build a nation, improve on the ability of people to learn and the nation will be great. This is a reason why our founding fathers took education very serious and you can see the impact of that in the development of Nigeria then as against the Nigeria we have now.

Rabiu Oladele is a Public Affairs Analyst.

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