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Published On: Fri, Aug 17th, 2018

How to curtail insecurity in FCT

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Security as one of the major concerns of humanity whether at the individual,community,state or national level has always been a challenge that faces governments all over the world. Its importance is emphasized in the constitutions of countries all over the world as one of basic major functions of governments,Nigeria not an exception.
The importance of security is amplified vividly under section 14b of the 1999 constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria as amended,which provides inter alia that the security and welfare of the people shall be the primary responsibility and purpose of governments.Also section 24e of the same constitution provides that it shal also be the duty of citizens to render assistance to appropriate law enforcements Agencies in the maintenance of law and order.when we juxtaposed the provisions outlined by the constition above,we can see that the management and control of crime is a collective responsibity of both the government and its citizenry.
[ The government has a responsibility in protecting the lives and property of its people and it can do this by workable and practical policies carefully and systematically conceptualized and propagated to achieve this objectives.It therefore behoves of the FCT administration to develop this policies for the FCT which the people must key in to make the city safe and habitable.The funding and implementations of this critical policies must be taken into account because this policies initiative will require Agencies,men and material that will carry out this objectives.
It is a fact that the jurisprudential value of law is predicated on its enforcement,hence thomas hobbes asserted that without the enforcement of the law so enacted,society will colapse.The FCT is suppose to be an epi centre for what is obtainable in our country.It is a vivid reflection of what our overall society looks like.The laws of our country should always be implemented without fear or favour.The impressions we often creates that the law respects some certain class in the society creates more heineous crimes.
Security they say is the responsibility of all.we can never claim to have acheived as a government or community all our achievable security objectives if any part of our society is threatened security wise.Measures identified to solve security problems differ from country to countries,states to states,but government at all levels in our country must first acknowledge that constitutionally and morally its first responsibility is the security and welfare of its people.I must state here that the first measures needed to solve 50percent of our security problems is the welfare of the people.when the people see that its government is working and seem to be working for its overall interests and welfare,the people shal obey the laws of the country and also see that just as the governments has a responsibility,the led led also equal responsibility in acheiving the goal of securing the society.
A careful study and research on graffiti crimes such as burglary and drug related crimes prevalent in our society today shows the crimes are behavioural related caused by poverty and deprivations.The governments are hereby advised to incentivise and subsidize education in low income communities and to invest more in the skills development sector of education.The FCT administration must create and formulate laws quickly that will reform our criminal justice systems for better results.Todays prisons administration all over the world is not punitive based but reformatory.A situation were our prisons churn out more hardened criminal into the society after the expiration of their incarceratory period is also a dangerous security problem for the society.Governments at all level in the FCT must continue to finance the police force for the effective policing of the federal capital territory.The police has an indispensable role to play in realization of the security dream of residents.The government should fund the logistic needs of the police.
As security is the major concern of everybody both at individual,community and family levels.It behoves on the governments at all level to always be proactive in the areas of crime detection and preventions.Todays security is the responsibility of have a major role to play in the areas of quick information gatherings and the response periods of security organisations.The government should as a deliberate policy invest heavily in the provision of these communication equipment for the use of our security forces.Today,it is also trite that our governments cannot employ all our needed security personnels.governments in the fct needs to assist also non governmental security outfits in the area of operational vehicles and materials to make their work easier.the government also needs to regulate the activities of this non governmental security outfits so that they would not be used for political and other personal reasons.The best measures implemented in helping the society to be secured is normally the human factor.The welfare of the people as pointed out by our constitution is also the responsibility of governments.To reduce poverty and deprivation can also lead to reduction in cases of insecurity.The government in the fct must provide infrastructural incentives for the people.such infrastructural incentive must include,good and affordable schools,health facilities with subsidized drugs,agricultural imputs etc all targetted at poor families.Research have shown that 90percent of crimes reported to the law enforcement agents are carried out by poor and indigent children and adult.
Finally,we expect the government in the fct to always create a symbiosic relationship with security agencies.The fct administration should do a lot more for the security agencies as such will go a long way in giving them the impression that the government takes their job seriously.The resident must also be in a position to provide security informations quickly to the law enforcement agencies to make their work easier.Security of one is sebdurity to all.

Jamila Musa wrote in from Abuja.

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