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Published On: Wed, Aug 21st, 2019

How SDS exposed woman molesting 12-yr-old ‘Househelp’ in Dei-Dei

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The victim, Miss Chinyere now scarred for life with injuries to her face, neck, head arms, and legs.

By Stanley Onyekwere

The Social Development Secretariat (SDS) has exposed and apprehended one Mrs. Chioma Agina Anyima for allegedly brutally molesting her 12-year old Househelp, Miss Chinyere, in Dei-Dei, in Bwari Area Council, of Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).
Our correspondent reports that the SDS had on Monday apprehended Chioma, who is a mother of two and wife to a lawyer, Mr. Udoka Anyima, following distress calls and complaints from neighbours to FCT Call Centre, which the SDS swiftly responded to, and rescued the endangered girl.
According to the SDS Secretary, Hajiya Safiya Umar, who described as unacceptable, the molestation of the girl who is also a babysitter, said she had to be rescued, so as to save her life.
“We got the information from a concerned Nigerian, if we do not come to the aid of this girl, she maybe eventually be killed by the woman, because she does what she wants to do, and the husband does not say anything.
“Nobody is able to talk or intervene each time the woman will beat up the the babysitter who is also a baby too.
“And violence like this against children, which the husband of the woman, who is a lawyer knows that it is an international offence.

The victim, Miss Chinyere now scarred for life with injuries to her face, neck, head arms, and legs.

“You can’t keep a wife and the wife will banter the small girl like this and you will claim that you don’t know as the head of the house. So, the best thing we will do now is taking them up and arranging her before the court.
“Definitely I have already sent the police to come and go with her, they will prosecute her for that offence, because unless we start prosecuting people, it will serve as an example,” she stressed.
Meanwhile, Mrs. Anyima, who subtly admitted to the alleged offence, claimed that she wanted the girl to be a better person, as they are blood related.
She however alleged that Chinyere was always assaulting her baby, as she will be putting her hand and injuring hee daughter in the bum-bum (buttocks).
Her words: “I’m not doing this thing to harm her, I just want her to change, she is the only daughter of her parents, I don’t want her to make the mistakes I made.
“I don’t want her to go useless.This thing am doing is for her to change . Please, I am so sorry. We are the same blood, so I cannot do anything bad to her.”
She continued: “I told my husband that Chinyere is turning into something else He was like if she is becoming a problem take her back home and we decided to take her back home this September.”
“We are family, and I have already told my mum, and I don’t even like touching or beating her. Ask her, anytime I beat her I will call her and apologize to her.”
Narrating her ordeal, the visibly traumatised Chinyere, a primary 1 pupil of LEA School, in Dei-Dei, who denied ever molesting her Madam’s child, claimed she only engaged in cleansing of the child’s buttocks, as part of her duty as a babysitter.
She revealed that almost on daily for about one year since she moved into her house had at the slightest mistake, her madam descends heavily on her with cable wire, inflicting injuries on her.
On her part, Director Gender Department of the Secretariat, Agnes Hart, noted that the excuse Mrs Anyima gave does not hold water, as the child could have died in the process and it would have been a serious case for her and the husband, as the law is going to take its course.
“In FCT , we frown at people who are using little children as house help, so there won’t be any hiding place for any parent that molest vulnerable persons especially children.
“Children are very vulnerable yes but the other girl chinyere is more vulnerable so the FCT is going to set up traps to people to catch who so ever wants to molest a child its forbid and God also dislikes it seriously and “ The excuse she (Mrs Anyima) gave can’t hold water, because it’s not genuine that the child could have died in the process and it would have been a serious case for them all but we thank God that she did not die,” she said.

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