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Published On: Mon, Sep 1st, 2014

How mother cat, three kittens miraculously survived building collapse in Kaduna

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Mallam Musa holding his cat which survived the collapse

Mallam Musa holding his cat which survived the collapse

Adopting a cat can be a thrilling experience. Young animals are joy to watch and be around with. You have many options regarding adoption–there certainly is no shortage of adoptable cats. Shelters and homes everywhere are overflowing with domestic animals needing a loving home. Along with being a joy, however, adopting a cat brings a lot of responsibilities. The cat will count on you for love, food, and safety. At a point it will become part of you especially when you are sharing an abode with it like Malam Musa Abdulahi Katsina. Muhammad Ibrahim writes from Kaduna

Malam Musa Abdullahi Katsina, an elderly man who lives with his family members in his house located along Yan Mangorori in Nasarawa community, a suburb of Kaduna metropolis have every reason to thank Allah for saving their lives, his cat and its kittens after a torrential rainfall devastated his house.

It all happened on 26 August, when Malam Musa, a husband of three wives and father of many children miraculously escaped death by the whiskers when the room he was in caved in during a heavy downpour that occurred on that fateful day.

It was gathered that the rain partially caused a flood within the compound as the whole members of his family had a sleepless night because they were scared other parts of the house would collapse on them as well.

Malam Musa’s house was built with mud and by seeing the house one needed not to be told that the man needs help as poverty purely displayed in the house.

When Peoples Daily visited the house it discovered that the room which Malam Musa was living in was completely damaged that it would be difficult to imagine that somebody survived the incident or even came out alive.

But miraculously, Malam Musa was not in the room when it fell but his cat who he shared the room with was inside the room when it collapsed. Although the cat kittened few days before the accident, but escaped with its kittens unhurt.

How that happened according to him, only God knows. It was gathered that the cat has been with him for many years and they share the room together.

“I was lucky I left the room to ease myself just few minutes before the room collapsed. Honestly, I counted myself lucky because it was raining heavily. I think the incident happened around 2:30 am,” he said.

According to him, he said that if not because he already left the room the building would have collapsed on him and that would have been a different story.

Malam Musa who narrated how the incident happened while standing close to the collapsed building said miraculously the cat he left inside the room with its kittens escaped unhurt.

“I was shocked when I saw the cat came out of the rubbles alive through a small whole. Her 3 new born babies whom she gave birth to few days back were also not hurt as one of my children brought them out safely,” he said.

He said there were still some of his properties inside the collapsed room because they were beneath the rubbles.

“My Qurans and other properties are still inside the room covered with rubbles. We don’t know how to bring them out because it’s dangerous to enter inside, we are afraid the other part can also collapse any moment,” he lamented.

“My major concern now is that if the remaining rooms fall down or collapse my family will be left without shelter. This is why I was so concerned and worried because presently my third wife was at my neighbour’s house where a room was given to us to manage before I rebuild mine,” he said.

He said so far he doesn’t even know where to start from because his financial state is at low ebb.

“As you can see, I don’t have money to even rebuild these rooms that were badly affected, I need help because it was the first time I witnessed such a disaster. One of my wives is now at my neighbour’s house squatting,” he said.

A tenant in the compound who said he participated in the rescue mission of the cat and her new born babies that night, Malam Dahiru explained that he just finished chatting with Malam Musa that night and went into his room to sleep when he suddenly heard a laud sound.

“We were together after we finished chatting. I left him inside the room. Just few minutes later I heard a loud sound followed by Malam Musa’s screaming. So I dashed out of my room to see what was happening. At first I thought Malam was inside the collapsed room. But I later met him outside the compound,” he said.

According to him, he immediately pulled down the electricity wire that already started sparking.

“I used my hand to pull down the electric wire to avoid fire outbreak. But to my surprise the cat and her new babies survived the collapse of the building. The mother cat came out on its own, but we had to bring out the 3 new born babies because they couldn’t come out on their own,” he said.

For Malam Musa, his family members and other tenants in the house will forever remain grateful to Allah for saving his lives but they also expressed gratitude to Allah for saving his little cat and her new born babies.

Peoples Daily also gathered that apart from Malam Musa’s house there was also another house that suffered same damage. Two other rooms collapsed that same night because of the rain but nobody was hurt.

Mallam Musa appealed to the Governor of the state, Alhaji Ramalan Yero, the first lady and other good spirited people within and outside the state to come to his aid so that he can have a roof over his head again.  He disclosed that his children now move around sleeping in houses of friends and relatives and that even as he appreciates the concern of their friends it does not augur well for them because things are difficult for everyone. “It is not right to inconvenience others, it is just that we cannot help the situation, that is why am appealing to the Governor and all those who can help us to come to our aid and Allah will bless them abundantly”, said Mallam Musa.

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