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Published On: Thu, Sep 11th, 2014

How Israel is gaining a foothold in Nigeria

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By Abdulbaqi AliyuJari Katsina

Relations between Israel and Nigeria date back to 1959 when then Israel Minister of Commerce, Pinhas Sapir, visited Nigeria to press Nigerian Government to accept loans and Israeli canned foods. By 1960, just a year after that first visit by an Israeli official, full diplomatic relations were formalized. After that, Israel got an open opportunity to do as it pleases in Nigeria and indeed a lot more African countries. They are involved with agricultural, education, trade and other forms of business in Africa.

Diplomatic relations between the two countries went sour in 1973 after the Yom Kippur War. Nigeria severed diplomatic relations with Israel. But even after the severance of relations, a lot of Israeli companies were still doing business in Nigeria. Some of them operated open after bribing the Nigerian officials, while a lot other changed name and nationality so as to stay afloat. I remember when I was young back there in Katsina, near our house lived a person believed to be a Jew, he was then working with a foreign water resources company who we later learned was a Jewish company. Just like any Jew, the man was arrogant and unfriendly.

Nigeria did not restored its relationship with Israel till in 1992 during Babangida. Since April 1993, Israel embassy has been present in Abuja. Since then, over 150 Israeli companies are now registered legally in Nigeria. The relationship grow more stronger in 2006 when the Nigeria-Israeli business forum was established. Relationship continue to grow as Israel take more and more advantage of Nigeria.

The apex of Nigeria-Israel relationship came in 2013 when President Goodluck Jonathan became the first President to visit Israel on Pilgrimage and also signed air bilateral relationship.

In 2014 came the greatest change of diplomatic relationship and shift of Nigerias foreign policy. After the abduction of three boys in Israel, Nigerias President Jonathan sent a letter to Natanyahu telling him ” I assure you that we are in solidarity with you, as we believe that any act of terrorism against any nation or group is an act against our common humanity. We unequivocally condemn this dastardly act, and demand that the children are released unconditionally by their abductors.”.Many ,Nigeria regimes before recognized the right of Palestine to defend themselves against aggression of the Jewish entity and never considered them as terrorist.

Israel is encroaching Nigeria’s sovereignty. It was just recent that we learned the Israel foreign secret Organization MASSOB agents are here in Nigeria. They are influencing Nigeria’s decision and violating our sovereignty. I also read it in many media papers that the Zaria killings of demonstrators on the Quds day was allegedly engineered and carried out by the MASSOB. It will be good when we remember history as we can use the past history to judge the future occurrence. Least we remember that during the Nigerian civil war, Israel, The Vatican and mali deed greatly assisted the Biafaran forces, especially the Vatican and the Israelis.

They supplied war planes, ammunitions among a lot other as they considered the war as a religious war.

While Israel never relent in violating the sovereignty of other countries, the Israel has persistently bombarded Palestine since 1928 to the current one still going in the Gaza strip. Likewise Israel bombarded Sudan over a suspicion of arms in a factory in 2012. So also was i n Iraq in 2005, Syria in 2006, Kuwait in 2002, attempted killing

of Idi Amen of Uganda, President Gaddafi, Anwar Sadat, twice attempted killing of Castro and a lot of attempt to bomb Iran in 2007 and 2013.

Among the most cruel misdeed of Jewish entity of Israel was poisoning of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyyah in Jordan, killinhg of Hamas armed wing leader Mahmud Al-mahbub in Dubai in 2012, among a lot others.

Israel was the cause of the French revolution. They were also the cause of first and second European (world) wars. And now they want to be the cause for the third as they are now located in the Middle East unlike in as they were located in Europe before. Israel has no respect for any nation. It was alleged that the its secret agents killed President John F Kennedy of the USA, master minded the killing President Assad of Syria etc. A Jew feels like he is better than al the rest of the Human race and they are meant to serve him as they are the Children of God.

Israelphobia is on the increase from around the world. Just recently, because of its hostility towards Palestine, Bolivia labeled Israel as a “terror state”. Israel has diplomatic relations with just few nations. Even in the US, recent statistic shows that phobia of the Jews is on the increase. Former US Commander in Afghanistan said most of the hostilities the US is facing were because of its blind support for the Jewish state.

For Israel to continue to exist, it must come to terms with its Arab-Muslim neighbours. It must respect their rights and beliefs. It must live in peace with them. No amount of force will sustain the artificial state of Israel except peace with its neighbours and respect for other races and humanity as a whole.

Comrade Abdulbaqi Aliyu Jari Katsina via


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