How I will industrialize Ondo if elected Governor – APC aspirant, Ife Oluwa


By Lateef Ibrahim

One of the aspirants in the Ondo state Governorship election on the platform of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Ife Oluwa, yesterday disclosed that his blueprint for the industrialization of the state is to build food and beverage manufacturing companies in the three senatorial zones of the state.
Speaking at the APC Secretariat when he came to submit his nomination and expression of interest forms for the Governorship election, also said he will make fast yielding crops available to the farmers, saying “We need to be able to ensure that those seedlings get to the farmers.
“There are other agencies or organizations that can help the farmers. For instance, we will establish leasing companies that will lease tractors and so on to the farmers so that it will lessen their expenses. You know, they do not have to go and acquire all these expensive machines and extension services.
While pointing out that packaging is essential in manufacturing and agribusiness, the aspirant said packaging facilities will be availed to the farmers so that packaging will become easier for the people, saying “Once the farmers have objects they don’t need to worry about moving their crops from one place to the other.”
“We are going to ensure that we group farmers into smallholding organizations and provide facilities that will make their children to want to live around them and members of their family. We will create schools for them in those places where they will have recreational facilities.

“We are sure that we have pipe borne water in those places. There is nothing wrong in having DStv in the farm settlement. These are things that we believe are taken for granted.

Speaking on the crisis in the party, he said “I was a member of unity group and I am still a member of unity group. I was a very active member, but unfortunately, like I told the leader of the party who called me a few days ago, it is very unfortunate when you refused to pursue truth and justice.

“Any decision you take cannot stand and that is the reason why you find all of the members of the party going their own way in the screening. That was what was done.

“But what I understand is that these are human organizations and we are bound to have all of this. I am sure we are all talking together and I am sure that when the time comes, we will all agree on who the leader should be and we will all support him.

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