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Published On: Wed, Jan 21st, 2015

How I see effective leaders

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By Jafaru Yakubu Kurfi

ffectiveness is what makes good leaders, ability to exhibit the right leadership practice in different situations, says a lot of leaders effectiveness. Effectiveness has to do with quality – the right direction and efficiency has to do with time, matching a person’s skills to fit a job is management, putting the right people in the right place to get things done correctly and efficiently, good leaders put people in position suited to their skills.

Managing people involves understanding the strengths and weaknesses of an individual within a team and assign peoples task for optimal efficiency, in fact, another way to look at these differences is to equate leadership effectiveness and management with efficiency

Leaders are born and their skills are developed over time, outside influence and educational background will impact the role a person will play throughout his life time and influence his ability to lead.

An effective manager has all basic characteristic of a good leader; I see them as leaders, a prophet, mentors and fathers. They are democrats, straight forward, honest, self confident, displaying sincerity, integrity and a condor in all their dealing, and they are courageous. they aim at their goals by making people around them happy at all times.

I see them as leaders with open minds, they have a sense of humour in working places by creating jokes to relieve tension, their sense of humour is to make point without insulting anybody, courageous and dedicated to their work and like people who perform above average. They have skills to think outside the box in home and working places, they are effective strategist that would help to achieve a vision, energetic problem solvers, they are good listeners and communicators who display their communication skill well and perform well to achieve excellent result.

They are team builders who always ensure that their team members are recognised for their accomplishment and perform with excellent results, they hold periodic staff meetings to encourage their team members and solve their problems. They encourage initiatives and innovations from their workers, they encourage people in personal issue, and they are high class performers and achievers to the core.

Effective managers always set direction and promote values and gives emotional support. They share large and small in victory with their team/staffs, they always consult in decision making and support their teams to express their opinion and values, and they are highly ethical in their work. They belief in mutual respect, they belief in hard work, they calculate their risk and develop a contingency plan for their decisions – they inspire others to reach for their dreams, take charge when necessary and their actions are always based on reason and moral principles.

They set their vision, mission and goals to reflect their principles and set direction for others to follow; they also give emotional support and encouragement to team members. Effective managers are self confident, good communicators, extrovert, assertive, emotionally stables and have passion for work. They have empathy for their people, the downtrodden and maintain value and respect for others. Finally, effective leaders utilized their power in a sensitive way, and adopt a diplomatic approach in all their dealings and lead by examples.

Jafaru Yakubu Kurfi wrote in from 2 Maradi Amadu Road, Kurfi, Katsina state


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