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Published On: Fri, Jul 26th, 2019

How I found my feet in Kannywood -Monaco

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Abdulrashid Ahmad, popularly known as Abdulrashid Monaco has been in a Kannywood limelight for over one-and-a-half decade. The budding actor, who hit the screen in 2004 has about 50 movies to his credit. In this interview with Mustapha Adamu, Kano, the diploma holder gives in sight into his journey so far in the film industry.

Give us your brief biography
Monaco- My name is Abdulrashid Ahmad Umar. Also known as Abdulrashid Monaco. I was born in brigade, Kano Nassarawa Local Government area. I attended Sheka Barde Primary School and completed my secondary education at GSS Tarauni. I later attended School of Technology (SOT) Kano for my diploma in Computer Science.

When did you venture into film making?
Monaco- I started my film career around the year 2004 or so. We started as a group of friends and made a movie called “Kunfa” but it didn’t make it to the market. During the editing of the film, the rashes of the movie were lost in a fire outbreak. So that not withstanding, we didn’t give up, we began another project but unfortunately, due to some unforeseen circumstances we had to stop and that was when I joined SRK movies and continued from there.

What made you attracted to Hausa movie?
Monaco- I am a big fan of Indian movies and at the same time I noticed that our own movie industry that is, kannywood, was developing. I watched the late Ahmad S. Nuhu and he always excited me when he acted. So that was when I developed real interest in acting and so I started going to locations to see him and others doing the acting. It also happened that I and my friends just had interest in acting and so we formed a group of actors amongst us. That is how it just happened and I found myself here.

What is your first movie?
Monaco-That group of actors we had I and my friends made a couple of movies, that unfortunately, didn’t hit the market like the Kunfa that I mentioned earlier. But the first film I featured that got into the market was “Hanyar Abuja” that also featured Ali Nuhu and Fati Macijiya and the likes of Saima Muhammad and others.

Do you feature in modern movie series?
Yes, I have featured in a movie series titled; “way forward”. The series is already in the process and it started in early May this year, just a couple of weeks back. So its still a work in progress. We’ve shot like two episodes but due to the Ramadan fasting the work has been postponed to after sallah Insha Allah. The other episodes have been written and we are just waiting for time so that we can move on.
The movie centres on child abuse, sexual abuse and harassment. And we know this are very general issues that is bedeviling not only the Hausa society but the whole world in general. The issue of sexual abuse is a big problem for us as a people. We the Hausa society are not known for this types of crimes but it is gradually taken a place among us. And we know that it is morally and islamically wrong. So the main focus is on how to deal with the issues and how to punish perpetrators of this heinous crimes so that it can serve as a deterrent to others. And also it encourages the involvement of the law, like the police and other relevant agencies in times of such abuses and not to take the law in our hands. So I think we should just watch out for the movie.

How many movies have you featured in since the beginning of your career?
Monaco- They are about 50. Like I said earlier I featured in Hanyar Abuja, Masu Zaman Kansu, Biki Bidiri, kuskurena, Bako, Mansur, wani karnin and a host of others.

Do you wish to become producer or director in Kannywood?
Monaco- Yes of course. I think one way or the other, every actor wants to produce their movies and direct it also. I am one of those really. One of these days my movies shall hit the market.

So, who is your favorite actor in Kannywood?
Monaco- Late Ahmad S. Nuhu was my favourite Kannywood actor but now I think every actor in the industry is my favourite because everyone is good at what he does. So its a bit difficult to choose just one alone. I appreciate every actor in Kannywood.

What is your best movie among your films?
Monaco- Masu zaman Kansu is my best really due to a couple of reasons. Like me being the main character who gave birth to stars like Ali Nuhu, Yakubu Muhammad, Lawan Ahmad and others. So it’s a bit special for me.

Any message to upcoming actors in Kannywood?
Monaco- I am very proud of Kannywood as my industry. I am also proud of the crew and actors and actresses but big and small. The biggest message for upcoming actors or actresses is patience. They should not, for any reason, depart from his home training and discipline.
They should be God-fearing and steadfast. They also should be honest in all there dealings. In sha Allah, they shall succeed. This is one of the reasons why we have lasted this long in this industry. From us being called to work for others and now we are calling others to work for us. So upcoming actors should be steadfast and very patient.

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