How deceased Ebola victim was detected

By Doyin Ojosipe

Mr sawyer, who is a Liberian national had arrived Nigeria on the 22nd of July, aboard Asky Airline, which landed at the Murtala Airport Lagos.

He however presented with fever, vomiting and stooling on arrival; this drew the attention of the port health division of the federal ministry of health.

Sawyer was immediately isolated and transported to a hospital, where he was quarantined in order to stop further contacts with the general public.

At the hospital, he was subjected to thorough medical evaluation: his blood sample was taken to the advanced laboratory at Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), where diagnosis of Ebola virus disease was reported.

The result was further transported to two international laboratories; the World health Organisation laboratory in Dakar, and the CDC at US Atlanta.

The victim unfortunately died too soon and has been creamated in order to completely kill the  virus

Ebola is a deadly disease that kills about 90% of its victim, while its spread is like wild fire; it is seen as a west African outbreak, which was first contracted in Congo and has since break into about 4 west African  countries; guinea, sierra Leon, monronvia or liberia.

It has since killed over 630 patients across West African Countries, while a leading doctor fighting to curtail its spread  has also have treated over 100 Ebola patients had himself contracted the disease.

The doctor, sheik Umar khan, also a sierra Leonean Virologist, is not reported dead, though he has been transferred to a charity hospital, being managed by doctors without borders health workers and nurses.

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