How Abuja residents spend weekends

Abuja-ParkBy Mashe Umaru Gwamna

For Mariam Ibrahim, a resident of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), she wishes every day was weekend, as it remains the best among the days of the week, to a stress-free life experience while exploring the nation’s capital.

According to her it affords her more time to rest at home and visit recreational arenas for a lot of enjoyable social activities.

“Even though week days are good for hustling and bustling to make ends meet, but weekends are preferred more because it is best for good socialization,” Ibrahim expressed.

She added that in the FCT, just like any part of the world were some people are too eager to start the weekend, as they welcome every Friday with jubilation, being the beginning of weekend is here again; like shouting on upon of their voices “Thank God is Friday.”

Investigations revealed that for most civil workers in the FCT, the weekend even start the on Friday given that they have half working hours, as activities are very at a low key in many offices.

For many residents, weekends are always associated with different social engagements like weddings, nite clubs, games in relaxation centres, and other outdoor activities with friends.

Some civil servants begin their weekends as early as Friday afternoon, when offices are slightly closed especially when Muslim fateful visit Jumat Mosque, for prayer, affording some people time to travel or head home straightaway for rest.

Also, some residents visit friends and go to relaxation joints to keep body and soul together, others attend community or affinities meetings.

Another resident, Nam’oi Yankass says, “my weekends starts on Friday after work, and when I get back home I take showers ,sleep waiting for the night hours to go for clubbing and dance myself out of the working stress during the weekdays .

“On Saturday I go for swimming at Gombe Jewel at Wuse 2 till evening, and then start preparing to go for Sunday service.

“Overall, weekends are really especially because it gives me room to even shop and wash my clothing.”

Similarly, one Dr. Hassan Haruna, noted that even though his schedules are tight, he still ensures that any opportunity he has for the weekend is properly used.

“If am not on call (duty), I go for gym on Saturdays to work out my stress for the week and rest too. And on Sundays, I usually visit my loved ones and hang out with friends that we could not meet during the weekdays,” the Doctor said.

For Mallam Kabiru Alkail among the weekend days, Friday is the best, because as a Muslim, he always looks forward for special Friday worship, and thereafter head home to enjoy the remaining weekend days with his family.

“After Friday prayer at the Jumat Mosque, I usually travel back home to meet my family at Kuje ,to spend the rest to weekend together.

However, Mrs. Edith Yassin, in Central Business District, said since she started attending the #BringBackOurGirls sit out meeting at the Unity Fountain, there is no weekends for her, because her activities hovers around their daily sit out there.

“Before #BBOG campaign started, I usually spend my weekends by going to the Arts and Culture centre the place was booming with a lot of social activities; we usually watch theatrical plays and dance.

“But with the security situation in the county, Abuja residents do not love going there. Shopping is on my schedules for Saturdays, while on Sundays I attend church services,” she stressed.

In the same vein, a resident, who simply gave her name as Ngozi, says “my weekends start from Saturday, when I usually go to the market to shop food stuff to cook for the weekend.

“On Sunday I go to the presence God, and then have rest, thereafter I go out for tribal meetings, then back in doors to prepare for work for the next day (Monday).

On her part, Mrs. Nancy Davou Pam , who resides at Duste-Ahaji, Sundays are meeting days for most people, not only in Duste but even those living neighbouring towns and suburbs of the FCT .

“People use the opportunity to have various tribal meetings and parties . That is the opportunity that the weekend gives us.

“For me, on Saturdays, choir and band rehearsal is at my top list , as I wait for Sunday for another church activities.

“But during the week I find it difficult to attend such activities but by weekends, one goes without thinking of anything else,” she expressed.

“During the weekends, I drink to stupor at the bar all day long, then I wait for the Night club to cool down, then driver home, come back the next after drinking then jump into the pool swimming, to feel much relaxed and better.

“Weekend is mine from Mondays I always look forward to Friday .Am a very busy person that’s my opportunity to enjoy all my pleasures.

“On Sundays, I met with friends to have some discuss on interesting things that are affecting us like politics , including watch football games,” another resident, Ayo Dele said.

PeoplesDaily reports that for instance, at the old Parade ground in Area 10, Garki District, people take time every Saturdays, to engaged in different form of outdoors physical exercise, such as football, aerobics ,squash and other sporting events. Also kids are not left out as they too display their skills- competing with one another as their parents and guardians are doing theirs.

It was observed that, after the physical exercise, residents usually go back to their various homes to shower and relax, to enable them go for shopping or visit recreational parks with family and family, easing out with picnic and dancing to beats played by DJs and some local drummers at the various recreational parks, in the city.

In the Abuja metropolis, weekends are always filled with creative activities by various business organisations, fashion parades to good outdoor services within the city center.

People are seen in groups, dressed with colorful attires at different parks or drinking joints, either dancing to good music, holding meetings, smiling or discussing issues that concerned them or staging competitions of various kinds attracting the attention of passersby.

But, weekends are not only experienced within the city center, but in places like Karu, Nyanya, Kubwa ,Duste, Mpape , and including some neighbouring towns like Masaka, Mararaba, Suleija and Madalla, where residents are very busy with weekend activities .

Peoples Daily also observed that even travelers are not let behind when it comes to enjoying the weekends, as they take time to stop at major parks- eating and drinking pepper soup and roasted fish socializing and making news contact, sharing of ideas and getting all the pleasure the weekend has to offer them.


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