Hostile programme, tainting our community

By Salim Umar Ibrahim

The focal aim of every community in the world is to have or create a functional and substantial outline irrespective of its culture and ethnicity, a kind of environment that can stand in front of the world and be proud of itself and its inhabitants. If there occurs to be any community welcoming something else out of this scope and no effort is been made to change, then that should be preferably referred to a clueless, hopeless and ignorant community.
Journalism: one of the major and strongest utility used in promoting a liberal and adept community has played and concurrently playing a great role towards the determination and development of many communities around the world.
It is with utmost anxiety that we, people in the community fold our hands and watch nothing but a minority and inferior among us destabilizes our cultural, religious and ethnic background – turning our faces from seeing the right thing to something else, an artificial and obstructive act to say.
On the 18th of august 2015, I wrote a piece entitled “Hostile Programme: ‘Rai
Dangin Goro’ of Express Radio 90.3FM” published by Peoples Daily Newspaper, sitting in for the negative effect of this programme to our dear society, but I failed as no one heed my words, this programme created a crowd-puller that competitive radio stations went into adopting the programme also.
Furthermore, on the 19th November 2015, I wrote once more another piece entitled “Re-hostile programme” published by the same newspaper where I still went ahead enumerating all the negative influences it’s having upon our society especially the youth giving an example with the mass failure in WAEC and NECO examinations by Kano state candidates in the year 2015, Suspension of seven female teachers at a Islamic school for engaging themselves in listening to the programme in the classroom with students. This is one gesture that leads to many appalling happenings in our society today, from the depth of our youths disruptive behaviors to the mass divorce in our society. Pathetic!
These programmes are doing nothing but negating people’s rational ability especially those whom are yet to achieve something in their lives, and at the same time diversifying the thoughts and physical activities of the illiterate, who is supposed to be seeking for knowledge and the likes.
I must say from the bottom of my heart, the action taken by the Hisbah command, the censorship board to mention but a few, what you did to is indeed a great saving grace to our community by turning down the presenter of this programme; Ahmad Isa to present his intellectual ability of manipulating his tongue as he wants – able to voice out all gender tongues (the young and old, male and female voices) which is also a crime and unacceptable act in his religion as a Muslim. Ahmad Isa at first invite only females to come down to the Sani Abacha stadium, Kano, and see how he does this things, aftermath, he realizes how dangerous that could be to him considering the type of the environment he is seeking, he re-echoed and invite both male and female. The Hisbah command, big thanks to you towards this development, and this once confirmed to us that your establishment is the society.
Lastly, I would like to call upon the attention of Freedom Radio 99.5FM, the people of Kano state are always proud of you and we had utmost respect for your station for it has done much towards developing, informing and educating our community, you are always being there for us in every aspect of our lives for years now. But, we regret how you guys adopt Ahmad Isa presenting this programme by the name; ‘Zaman Duniya’ at a time where Muslims are praying the ‘Magrib’ prayer, most of our parents, brothers and sisters missed the prayer, later on, it was shifted to evening hours when our dear brothers and sisters are in the Islamic school, their attention deviates because they are always with the thought of what Ahmad Isa was there saying on air. It’s not helping at all.
With these effects, we hope you guys abate this programme for a better and educative one.

Salim Umar Ibrahim is a freelance writer, and can be reached on 0703 296 5551.

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