Hope beckons on cancer patients from shadows of death

By Osaugbovo Iguobaro, Benin

A Benin-based Medical Consultant and Radiation Oncologist, Dr. Oludare Folajimi Adeyemi, has made a major breakthrough in the treatment of the deadly prostrate Cancer which is synonymous with men.
The killer disease according to some medical experts have become a common phenomenon at the hands of Dr. Adeyemi with his recent discovery and tested ‘Brachytherapy (implant) treatment for prostrate Cancer.
Some journalists on a voyage of self-discovery at the weekend, took a working tour to LA Oncology Clinic in Oredo Local Government Area of Edo State. This followed a successful treatment of some prostrate cancer patients at the Health facility which delivers state-of-the art infrastructure and facilities to deliver to deliver most advanced care.
The Oncologist, posited that the prostrate cancer disease remains the commonest Cancer amongst men. Studies show that one out of every seven men are likely to develop the disease.
The prostrate cancer treatment expert, revealed that prostrate brachytherapy is a unique form of treating the disease, especially as the new treatment is not only affordable but also less time consuming.
“Although, there are other options of treating prostrate cancer, but the Brachytherapy method is very unique, accurate and its offers high degree of cure to the patient with prostrate cancer, especially when it is done at the early stage of the disease.
“In this discovery of mine, what we do is to implant a radioactive inside the prostrate and right inside the prostrate, begin to release
radiations which ended up killing the cells.
“It damages what we call DNA and when DNA is damaged, the cells cannot actually produce any longer.
“Over ten patients have benefited from this new discovery of mine and the beauty of the brachytherapy treatment method is that, it is done one time and between two to three hours, you are done and the patient can go home”, Dr. Adeyemi disclosed.
He called on Nigerians to take advantage of opportunity presented by the new prostrate cancer treatment.
The physician, however, assured that the brachytherapy treatment of the disease would go a long in helping Nigerians.
To add flesh to the conception, on behalf of the President, Nigerian Medical Association (NMA), 2nd Vice president, Dr. Ofene Enang commended Dr. Adeyemi for the breakthrough in the treatment of prostrate cancer in Nigeria.
He stated that the association will continue to Medicare especially when it is private initiative.
While describing the radiation brachytherapy as new form of therapy in the treatment of prostrate cancer, Dr. Enang hinted that NMA is at the forefront of canvassing for reversal of medical tourism in the Country.
Commenting on the development, a United States based Oncologist, Dr. Maghari, Rachid, described the breakthrough as blessing to Nigerians, adding that it will discourage the idea of going abroad for treatment.

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